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Are you diluting what you want?

By August 8, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Don’t dilute your wants, never, ever, EVER…tra la la la la la!

Whatever situation may present itself to you today…the minute you feel diluted, unsure, messy inside, slow, not sure, somewhere along the way you’ve diluted what you want with:

What will they say?
They won’t approve..
What if I fail?
What if they desert me?
They are bigger than me
They are more powerful than me
I can’t do this
I’m not good enough
They won’t like me
I’m only going to be disappointed if I get my hopes up…

Your want has been diluted by the outside world and by your unanswered internal question…how? But how can it happen when..

I’m going to yell STOP!

Jump into your desire and notice how you feel?
Jump into your how and notice how you feel?

There is YOUR answer – always!

It always feels better when you jump into your desire and live from this point – because it’s here that you are at your best – THRIVING and exhilarated by the mere thought!

This is LIVING

Try jumping today in each camp and notice where your brilliance, and your creativity lives?!

I’m wishing you a day of wanting what you want and feeling HUGE life force because of it – you DESERVE to be your passion today and letting nothing dilute it – NOTHING I TELL YOU! X

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