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Dream a little…I have a gift for you

By August 6, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Dream a little…I have a gift for you 

You know when I was a single mummy I used to take myself away from the present moment…to dream a little.  I used to dream of meeting the man of my dreams, of having a beautiful home that I owned and I used to dream that the pain would just stop  – I was done!

I would dream every single day. Whilst in the shower, whilst walking down the beach, whilst waiting for a friend.  I would dream mostly because it took me out of my painful surroundings for 30-second chunks and anything had to be worth that!

In the dreaming came an emotional shift, I would emerge inspired with renewed vigor for what real life was presenting me.  Each time that I focused on my dream, it became stronger and so I became stronger. Dreaming fed me the nourishment I wasn’t finding in my every day life and it took me to a bodily state of real possibility. What if?

What if your dreams came true today? What if you merged with that energy today? Would you leave your dream state feeling renewed, refreshed and in the zone again?

Your dreams deserve your attention.

YOU deserve your own attention.

So I recorded this meditation, it’s my gift to you.

Press the play button above, and take yourself off for for 6 minutes of dreaming…

It’s designed for you to listen to it daily if you wish to support you in your dreams.

Because you deserve your own LOVE.

Tell me about your dreams that have already come true in the comments below!

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