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You Crazy?!

By July 3, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

You Crazy?! It’s 11.45am my little voice murmured as I rolled over to look at the clock.

Yes siree its 11.45am on this fine Saturday morning and me myself and I have slept in to this unimaginably crazy hour – yippee!  And I then I had this thought – what if I slept in for even longer…?

Well that’s just f*****g lazy…

What a bum!  Yes I’m turning into a bum.

How slothenly of me

How awfully wasteful of the day this is….

This is crazy; it’s already nearly lunchtime!

Yes this is CRAZY all right – it’s crazy GOOD crazy that’s what! So you know I rolled right over again and slept till 2pm never really getting the day started at all as it turns out…

Oh what a lazy arse!

Is this crazy to you?  I’ll tell you what crazy IS. Crazy is trying to keep doing what we know we should do when our whole body is screaming NO!  Crazy is following the same hours of output when frankly it feels like we’re going against that grain.  More than we care to admit. And if you’re in the height of summer right now, or you’re going through stuff, you know I’m still talking to you! So we become very attached to our coffee/chocolate hit at 3pm, because we can literally feel ourselves deflating at certain times during the day…and rather than sleep under our desks we push on. With all manner of drinks, food and nasty pushy wording from your internal sponsor.  Now that’s crazy dontcha think?

Because here in Australia it is winter and just like the tree’s outside which have stopped expanding and pushing outwards, it is our turn to stop, go inside and ground ourselves by doing whatever we need to feel safe, warm and nourished.

Gorgeous woman, you may be throwing away your natural energy reserves that you need for the whole rest of your year by not listening to the three natural signs your body is giving you:

  1. The need to sleep in
  2. The desire to withdraw from people, social media, lots of big loud gatherings where you have to be the life and soul of the party
  3. The need for comfort – ie – Ugg boots V high pointy heels, comfy jim jams…you just want to be around those you love so can just be

So no you’re not going mad if you’ve been feeling like me acting on it or wanting with every fibre of your being (apart from your head) to act on it.  In fact you might not feel in sync with the outside world at the moment, but you are at a much deeper level in sync with nature.  Hurrah! Nature is cheering you all the way to your very own full stop!  Because you need to rest now so that you can fully expand in the spring time!

Can you imagine companies everywhere issuing this memo to you?  It drops in your inbox:

Dear Valued Employee

It is because we think so very highly of you and are so grateful for all that you do for us around here that we are giving you the whole month of June and July off.  We are paying for you to have a spa each week so you really rejuvenate, spend time with your families, go inside and reflect – and be ready fresh as a daisy! On Aug 1.

Love Your Boss x

So in lieu of your boss, your baby, your housework, your project letting up and getting in sync with nature, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Drop the guilt about stopping and receiving. Remind yourself that you are in sync with nature and that you risk losing your natural energy reserves for the whole rest of the year if you don’t follow what your body is desperate for.
  2. Get thee to bed by 10pm tonight – the more hours you sleep before 10pm the quicker you will rejuvenate.
  3. When you find yourself staring at a wall, let yourself, it’s nature darling, don’t fight it.
  4. Book yourself a cleaner for the next couple of months, trust me, you won’t look back. And if you can’t afford it, do swaps. I used to swap with a lady – I taught her yoga and she cleaned my flat.  What could you swap?  Think baking, picking up her kids from school, using your skills in business to help her.
  5. Become a Relaxing Diva. Let nothing get in your way.  Go slow, then go slower. Plan whole sections of time with NO COMPROMISE written all over them.  I personally like to eat chocolate, next to a wafty candle burning something sweet whilst being totally immersed in something I am reading. I like to do these all at the same time.  I do not start one without the others being there for maximum lazy arse time
  6. Remember – the more output you give out, the lazier you must be! I coach some wonderfully high achievers…and so I coach them to find their Relaxing Diva and yes their lazy arse.

Your next level of success this winter is to be found in doing less and being more, your body knows it, the trees know it and your soul knows it.

You’re not going crazy, you’re right.

Leave a comment below to show off your lazy arse tactics!  How lazy can you get and how gooood does it feel?

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