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Oh My God Yes I’m Worth it

By April 9, 2014December 3rd, 20182 Comments

You know that list in your head right now? Yes you’re going to get them all done.

So don’t worry, you might not be looking forward to doing much of it but you’ll get it sorted.

You know that other list in your head? The one that has all your dreams and plans in them? The one that holds the key to you being your brightest most dazzling self? The one that makes you smile just to think of?

What’s on that list Goddess?

Say it out loud (or inside your head if you’re at work right now) – whisper it or YELL it OUT!

Say it again.

Say it again.


This is the list we are talking about THIS. This is the real list that’s inside you this very moment, begging you to take notice. Wanting you to allocate a very special part of your day every day to it.

And it’s not dependent on what he is or isn’t doing.

And it matters not that you are so damn busy you just inhaled your lunch.

And it matters not that on some days you wonder if it will ever happen for you?

Because of time – because that some of the time you aren’t always on your own side.

It matters not.

When I was a single mum working 3 jobs (and that 3rd job nearly killed me but it was to afford a life coach) I called up my girlfriend and cried my eyes out. “How am I EVER going to get myself out of this and into the business I want to create? Into the life that I want, need, now, now, now?” You know what she said? Do you have 10 minutes a day? “Yes after 10pm at night when everything’s done that’s when I sit down” I replied – “Well there you go, that’s your time.”

And that’s how I started Marina J! With a 10 minute slot one very cold dark evening. (You can read about this more in my first book Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women) And my mindset to do this?


So tell me again – what are you wanting?

Are you worth it?

Are you worth it?

I’m sorry I can’t hear you – I said – are you worth it?


So let’s find a very special part of your day every day to do this – when is good for you? When are you at your best? Go put it in your diary now – if it’s not diarised you’ll say you’ll do it but it will be haphazard. And you deserve to spend at least 10 minutes on this very special list of yours each day.

The real list.

Ok read this:

YOU are not your bank account. YOU are not your shame of that smattering of clients, of that weak willed husband of yours, of the state of your marriage, the state of your life. How can you be? It doesn’t matter if haven’t slept properly in ages, keep saying yes when you mean no, question can I do this? (More than you’d ever admit).

You were put on this planet to have an AMAZING life! Life is a FABULOUS gift and one of your fabulous gifts is to create this dream that is in your heart this very moment. It was given to you because the universe knows that you are worth it. That you are the right one.

You are the right one for this dream of yours.

And if it’s your dream, then I already know you are worth it.

I already know that you can do it…

Pardon..what was that?

Oh I hear something…do you hear it too? It’s YOU! You’re saying to me:


And you are!

You are!

You are!

Now use this mindset for your next meeting, your next decision, your next moment…and MOVE down that list faster than you ever have before.

Because you deserve all those goodies coming to you – in just the exact delectable way you want them.

I want this for you.

And Oh My God YES YOU’RE WORTH IT with cherries on top!

Leave a comment below and tell the world why you’re worth it – we wanna hear it!

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  • Lorri Gillespie says:

    I am worth it because I’ve done the hard yards and earned the right to be whole, fulfilled, content and to feel good about myself.
    I know this, but need to believe it, need to be able to believe it, need to be open to believe it and I want to with everything in me, which is why I’m here, so I can learn to be who and what I want to be.

    • marinaj says:

      Lorri OMG YES YOU’RE WORTH IT! Hugely. Utterly. Because you were born. Because you were born, you are 100% worthy. Always. Thank you for writing in, I can feel you and your determination. Believe in yourself. It’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now – and truly? You’re too beautiful not to! X

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