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Are you just over it?

By January 10, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Aren’t you tired of all the trying and all the doing sometimes?

You. Are.

Quite. Simply.

Over. It.

Over picking up socks from the F%$#&%G floor, over trying to make that relationship work, over being late all the time because YOU HAVE TOO MUCH ON- over settling arguments between your kids – whatever it is – it’s enough to send  you MAD – mad I tell you!  You doing it all and not being able to do it all can send your stress level to that of bonker – the bonkers level.

And honestly?

You’re bored. Over it. Done.


This is your great place to begin a new pattern for yourself – when you are very definitely, positively over and done with being exhausted all the time. Your resistance to change, to speaking up, to saying NO will be at it’s weakest, so shhhhh….whilst it’s sleeping, let’s make some changes, because the real you is talking now and we need to listen to her.

So what to do? Ok, pick any part of your life – pick the part of it that exhausts you the most.

Like you and work, you and your kids, you and your future, you and money, you and your ex, you and your boyfriend.  It can be any part, the practical or a particular relationship.

Let’s do you and work together:

Start with what pisses you off about it.

List them and be honest:

*They don’t pay me enough

*The hours exhaust me so by the evening I don’t have the energy that my kids deserve

*My boss puts me down during work reviews when really he should be investing in me

*I’ve been passed over for promotion twice

The braver you are about how much this stuff pisses you off the more likely you are to take action.  And that’s where we want you, we want you in situations that add to you. Being a single mum is hard enough as it is.

Take this NOT HOT list and take a good long look at it.

How long have you been putting up with each one?

Write days/months/years next to each. Where have you been subsisting on tid bits? What’s been the hardest part about this all? What would it do for you if you could turn this around?

Because if you’re like every single woman I have ever met – deep within you have big dreams. You yearn for more and if you delay your dreams – whatever they are you suffer inside. You’re going to get more and more resentful and that does not suit a woman like you.


So, ready to do some self-healing?

Get up and play an amazing piece of music you LOVE. It might be Madame Butterfly or Lady Gaga. I am in LOVE with Madame Butterfly at the moment, it just moves me.  Now let the music carry you off into possibility and write the complete opposite of what you just wrote. Because YOU deserve it.

I desire a pay rise by the end of February.

I desire to be headhunted by June for an amazing job, with flexible hours, better pay and closer to home.

Write them all out and don’t stop until you feel emptied out of every single want for your heart.If you received a year of what you wanted – of what you just wrote – what would happen to you? How would you feel every day? How would you look? What would it give you?

Write a little ditty to yourself about this – truly – what would it do for you?

Why – why is this so important to you? And for your kids?  What will they get if mummy is happy? The why is really important for your heart – it’s the “why” that will pull you through the tough times, the lack of faith, the past disappointments that stop you from really desiring – the why will keep you receiving and not blocking what you want.

And then…bit by bit tell somebody close to you your desires for your life and receive their support – it might be your mum, your best friend, it might be your therapist or coach. It doesn’t matter who it is – but it does matter that you don’t do this alone. Not this time. Too lonely. Close your eyes for a moment and ask your heart – if I knew I wouldn’t be disapointed this time and could have everything I wanted  – what belief would I need to let go of? Who, what or where is my next little but huge step?

Then take it!

What belief do you need to let go of?  I’d love to hear, leave me a comment below.

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