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I’m so behind – Arghh!

By December 13, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Well…kind of. For us women, December becomes more frantic as we tick those days off – suddenly there are Christmas presents to buy, a never ending shopping list and Christmas Parties that we wished began in the morning because quite frankly that’s when we’re freshest and have the energy for them! Like a candle that burns brightly till 2pm, by 6pm we’ve kind of melted haven’t we?

I say kind of because for me I used to have Decembers like this. I choose not to anymore because they just promote headaches, tiredness and an appetite for chocolate over sex. So I decline that invitation that gets offered to me sometime in November.

My December hasn’t changed (I’m just as busy as ever) but I have.

I turn into a kid again and have as much fun with every little tiny bit and every huge bit of doing that I do.And it’s not something that comes naturally to me, but the more I do it the more I like it.

So right now I have a gorgeous super smelly candle burning, as I write I’m listening to my sisters new album which makes me feel like I’m in club at sunset, I’m in heels because I have clients in a mo…and I’ve just boogied to one of her songs. I”m up at 5.30am tomorrow morning for a business call to the USA and have one big deadline I must meet today…but I choose to make the biggest deadline how much fun I can fit into each hour? I choose to sit close to my desires as I shop for other’s desires and I choose to put me 1st more in the month of December than at any other time because:

Busy bee’s need to get a BUZZ out of receiving or they ZZZZZ flop! Receive, receive, receive so you can fly again!

So I’m curious about you – how hellbent are you this month on ensuring your own good time? On ensuring that doing doesn’t become more important that your own good mood? Because nothing works when you’re overwhelmed with all the doing.

The kindest thiing you can do for another is not the gift you get them, but ensuring your own self care, your own self love with a huge dollop of fun in their company.

That is Christmas, that is the kid in you at heart and that is having an insatiable appetite for sex over chocolate which is waaaay more fun!

You deserve your own gift of a different kind of busyness this December – the busyness of happiness, the business of fun and the busyness of receiving exactly what you need to come back into delicious alignment with you.

Leave a comment below and tell me – what do you desire this instant? Truly in your heart? Stop for a moment and listen; the choice to change your December is in your hands.

I wish for you the happiest holidays and a super fun New Year!

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