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Make this the month he falls back in love with you

By August 7, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

I know you’re gorgeous and you do too, but in the world of men and women you know how it is; we women can literally feel him turning away from us.  It’s a gradual thing…one moment you’re holding hands; the goodwill that flows back and forth astounds your heart. You are in love with him.  He would do anything for you and you know it.  You’re top of his list, and you feel very loved and very special. You glow.

And you love him.  You want to give back to him and so over the years you’ve continued to put his needs first. What does this mean?  Well, sure your work life and children are in the mix too, but you know him better than he does and pre-empt what he needs often before he does!  It’s just the way you’re made and you know he appreciates it…

…Only somewhere along the way you’ve noticed that although you’re still committed to buying your mother-in-laws birthday present (as if from him) and being thoughtful when it’s his birthday, he’s turned away from you and buried himself in work/a project/golf. And when he returns? He’s distracted.  You want his full attention – you want to grab his big bear of a face, take him by the shoulders and shake him and yell: “Wake up and look at me – I mean really look at me!” But it’s like he doesn’t see you anymore.

He get’s anxious when you cry, sure, but apart from the big dramatic things he’s pulled away from you. Always got his nose into something else. And because he’s always got his nose into something else – TV – sport – everybody else, he misses stuff. Like all the time. Which is enough to piss any gal off after the zillionth time! So you find yourself being angry at him – not in a big way, but when he gets home tonight you’ll tell him what he missed and instead of him saying “I’m sorry;” he’s going to end up saying “here we go again, always criticising me.” To no one in particular.  As if he has an audience.  Only it’s just you. Hurting.

You want to feel desired by him.  That nothing is more important than your happiness.  Like it used to be. You want to be his No.1 and you want to feel that glow in your face again. Because it’s going to infuse you with lightness and your whole day, your work, your success and everything else with happiness. And you haven’t felt alive in such a long time.  Just kind of sucked dry.

And that’s so NOT you!  What would it do for you if you could turn this all around this month?  And what would be the best part?   Would you like to make this month the month he falls back into love with you?  But how much more can you give?



Stop giving to him. Stop trying to make everything all right for him.  It turns him off. You as a woman are made to receive. (Woohoo!) And he knows it and will genuinely respond to it in you when you genuinely decide that receiving is important for you, everyday. But you have to drop your anger and focus on you.

You deserve to do this!  This is your month!  If you:

Ask him for what you want today in a way that sounds pleasurable to you and him and make this your new daily habit.
Focus on how you sound when you ask him.  He is really sensitive to your tone. More than you will ever realise.
Appreciate him for all the little things he does do.  He will then want to do more for you no matter how much you doubt this.
Put your fun above getting it all done all of the time.

This is your month for him to fall back in love with you.

And it begins when you decide to focus on your happiness.

Yes there is room for you to do that.

Watch his responses. With regular dedication on your part to your happiness he will turn back towards you and give you his full attention. It really is the way you were made – trust me, thousands of clients cannot be wrong. You are about to be desired like never before and I can’t think of a more deserved woman than you.

Tell me – what is genuinely important for you to receive this week – for you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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