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Interview with Marina

By July 29, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

You’re NOT listening to me! My Podcast is now available on iTunes. It delves into the psychology of men and how his mind thinks as soon as you ask him to do something. I explain in this interview how to ask for what you want from men, because I’m no different to you, I have deadlines, I’m busy, and this didn’t come naturally to me at first either!

It’s free for a limited time, click here to listen x

If you find yourself saying:

“You’re NOT listening to me!”

“Why do you always…?”

“Why do I bother??”

“Honestly it’s quicker to do it myself!”

Then this is for you!

When we women have a packed day we have two options at our fingertips:

1. Schedule it like a Ninja, run between things, eat lunch running, standing, whilst doing.


2. Ask for what we want, need, must have, excitedly desire, are desperate for, hourly.

Which one did you do today?  Let me know in the comments below!

I did no.2 – I asked with pleasure and it really added to my mood, day and projects. I’ve trained myself to do it because it doesn’t come naturally to me.

My natural inclination is to partake in no.1 and it used to put me in a bad mood. I could scratch your eyes out at 20 paces if you came even close to me after a day of doing No.1 and sometimes, just sometimes I find myself beginning to embark on no.1 again.

Listen here as I explain in this interview how to ask for what you want, because I’m just like you – and I tend to get overwhelmed quickly as I’m quite sensitive.

I was invited to this interview, which is a Podcast available on iTunes NOW.

Click here to listen  

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