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You are Sexy, Alive & Beautiful!

By June 21, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

What if we walked around today knowing that we are sexy, ALIVE and beautiful?

THIS IS SELF LOVE; would every interaction today be different?

Yes it would.  Do you believe you are sexy, ALIVE and beautiful?

What if I told you that you are an intuitive, magnificent woman with access to all the sensuality, wisdom and love at your fingertips – would you believe me?

Every woman has magnificence at her core.

Deep down every woman knows this.

You do too.

How do you walk around knowing you are a magnificent woman (no matter what has happened in your day?)

You need to let your self doubt wash away.  Peel it off you and let it slip right off of you like silk into the ground beneath. Ahhh.. You know what I mean – doubting that he loves you, doubting him, doubting that you are doing the right thing, saying the right thing, wearing the right thing, are pretty enough, clever enough, tall enough, small enough, sexy enough when the lights are on – phew!  It’s enough to exhaust any good woman! When a woman doubts her very essence, is she really able to hear her own magnificence loud and clear?

If I were coaching you now I would assert that you do know who you are, you do know you are magnificent, and you do know what to do; you do have the answers to all the wisdom you need.  You just need to trust your own magnificence.

What’s the quickest route to your magnificence?  Well there are lots of ways and if I were coaching you we would find a way that was special to you.  One of the quickest ways I know of is to have fun! Yes, it’s not complicated and yes it is that simple – FUN! But I mean real fun, the sort that get’s you throwing your head back in loud laughter, the sort that leaves you glowing.  It will get you in contact with your beauty and magnificence and outrageous sexiness quicker than you can read this article.

So what are you waiting for delicious woman?  Dance at your desk right now!  Go find some nature and sit in it – go anywhere that you are in your element.  Shake it out! You are a magnificent woman who has all she needs at her very fingertips – you better believe it! Can you ditch your doubt today & let your magnificence lead the way?  It’s much more fitting for a woman like YOU.

Never ever look to your outside world for validation of who you are. You are one SEXY HOT WOMAN who can create magnificence EVERYWHERE!

Tell me – what are you going to do TODAY to get in touch with your sexy ALIVE and beautiful self?  Let me know in the comments below!

And let me tell you now – the world is starving for more women like you (we’ve kind of over indulged in the kind of woman who doubts her own magnificence).  Revel in your sexiness, revel in your choices, and revel in your beauty.


And yes, it would change every interaction.

It would change everything.

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