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When the chips are down…

By May 27, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

If I was your coach – I would want to know, when the chips are down:
How do you treat yourself?

That is the single biggest indicator of how much you love yourself.

And, how much you love yourself is the single biggest indicator of whether you are really enjoying your relationships or not.

So if the chips are down for you, even a little today – how kind are you being to yourself right now?

What do I mean by being kind to yourself?

Have you listened to yourself today?
Have you said yes to yourself even if it means saying no to that project, that person?

If you were kind to yourself right now, how would your day change?
Would you decline that offer of lunch with those slightly bitchy girls in the office?

Would you be brave enough to tell your best friend how she really hurt you? Would you eat exactly what you desire today– not just eating that salad you packed this morning because it’s healthy?

Because I’ll tell you now, if you eat that salad, you might feel a bit empty inside. Maybe you really desired a warm lasagne? A fragrant Laksa? Something to fill you up and nourish your soul?

If you treat yourself harshly and make yourself eat something you don’t want, you might find yourself lunging for that chocolate cake at 3pm… with the wild abandon of a woman who hasn’t been satiated in years. Is that self love? Is that loving you? What sort of person would do that to herself?

You might find yourself hungrier for a life you are not allowing yourself to have.

When the chips are down do you allow yourself to receive exactly what you need or do you punish yourself even more and sink deeper?

If you are brave enough to receive exactly what you need your self love will rise, always.

Self love acts as an insulator to whatever is giving you pain in your life. Sink into that honey bath and cry your eyes out, ring a girlfriend and talk it through, book yourself a coach, someone who will hold you at your highest and be your biggest cheerleader whilst not being too scared to stand up to you; in particular the part of you who doesn’t care for herself when the chips are down.

If you can treat yourself well when the chips are down I know that you love yourself and I therefore know that you will be surrounded by people in your life who treat you as you treat yourself.
Teach others how to treat you when the chips are down by the way you treat yourself.
You have to love every last drop of yourself to allow love in to every last drop of you – otherwise you will push it away at the very time when you need it the most, when the chips are down.

So, if the chips are down for you today – what do you need? What would warm your soul? Can you love yourself?

Ask yourself: How kind am I being to myself right now?

Because your ride through this hard time will be far easier, you’ll receive the gift of this situation quicker and not drop down so far.

What’s not to love about you?

If you’re feeling blue, what would warm your soul today?  Leave a comment below. x

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