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Wash away your doubt – Whoosh!

By January 10, 2013December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Wash away your doubt – WHOOSH! (Especially if you feel tarnished by recent events.) Kind of like it’s sticking to you so you begin to doubt how good the future will be… and you’re kind of doubting how good you seem to be after what happened… This is profoundly for you if you’re not there yet and are beginning to doubt yourself.

…Doubting that he’ll ever come, doubting that you are good enough, clever enough, popular enough, beautiful enough, right enough, vibrating high enough, spiritual enough, “doing the right thing” enough, determined enough, “in the right place” enough…ARRGH AM I GOOD ENOUGH?

…Because of what happened in the past… I mean, could it ever get really good again?


But first?

We need to wash away your doubt – so you’re clean and clear – WHOOSH! Ready?

What is happening for you right now?  Is there something you so want but feel so beaten down by it, by the disappointment of it not happening yet that you’ve gone numb?  Your heart isn’t in it anymore because it’s become that thing that you fail at?

Or are you about to embark on something thrilling and you are doubting your abilities and how you’ll come across – worried that you’ll let yourself down in some way?

Breathe – take a breath in, hold it in for a couple of beats and then breathe it out fully from your mouth – your beautiful breath is yours to soothe you.

Grab a piece of paper and write out all of your doubts, for example:

“I doubt that he really likes me”

“I doubt I’ll ever be able to make a success of it because I haven’t up until now”

Then when you have your doubt list in front of you go back to each doubt and next to it write FACT or BELIEF next to it.  Which one is it?  Is your doubt based on real fact or is it a belief of yours borne out of past failure?

Be curious whilst massively gentle with yourself as you go through and kind of mark yourself – then look over your list – do you have more fact based doubts here or belief based doubts?

Look at your fact based doubt and listen to them, trust them.  This is your intuition talking to you – the more honest you can be with yourself about these fact based doubts the better your decision making will be over this part of your life. Take your time here and write down any wisdom that is coming to you now – what action can you take in this area of your life to step out of this situation with ease and grace?  Listening to your fact based doubt will already wash it away because it’s being listened to.  Well done, you’ve done this bit!

Now, really look, really breathe…go back over your list and look at these belief based doubts.  Notice how you believing in them right now stops you from moving forward with him, with them, with “it”.  Beautiful woman, these doubts are sucking your life force, dampening your brilliance and make you sadly “settle” for less.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Syliva Platt

Your doubt is a way for you to stay small and pretend you are safe! But safe from what?  From your dreams?  From your lush creativity?  Safe from sharing your divine gifts with this world?

But! Wait!  You were born..and because of this FACT  you are by definition 100% worthy of a brilliant time in this particular area of your life.


It’s time to reclaim your light and wash away your belief based doubt.



Start with your first belief based doubt and on a fresh bit of paper write the opposite of that belief.  So for example, it would look like this:

“I doubt that I’ll ever make this business work.”

“What if I chose to believe that this business can work?”  What then? Then write out everything that comes to you.

Asking yourself “what if?”  Expands you and opens you up.  You’ll wash away your doubt in this process because your “what if?” Becomes bigger than your doubt and you see it for what it really is – a fear, not a truth.  Keep writing.  Let’s do another one:

“I doubt that I’ll ever be truly happy.”

“What if I chose to believe that I have the right to truly be happy?”  Would I let the right practitioners in to help me?

Yes, yes and yes.  Write out everything that comes to you and let it in! Whoosh!

I call this pivoting – it’s facing your doubts head on. Writing them out – “outs” them and then you can wash them off you fully.  WHOOSH!

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. Steve Jobs, Apple

I love this! Are you crazy enough?  I think you are.

You are so talented, so special and so utterly exquisite.  This world will cheer you on when you take your proper place in this world and shine for all to see.  This world needs you.

I’m sending you love, light and self belief for your whole day – your whole life if you want it – you deserve it, it’s yours!

Tell me – how will you wash away your self-doubt today? WHOOSH!  Leave a comment below!

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