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Love that you don’t fit in

By December 8, 2012December 3rd, 2018No Comments

LOVE your weirdness, LOVE what you’re feeling right now, LOVE the exact spot you find yourself in because then the right people can LOVE YOU.

Perching on a stool in my best friends kitchen at a Thermomix Demo Party last Sunday I felt like I’d been transported back in time…to the 1950’s.

This wonderful woman was showing us how to make sorbet and risotto quick as a flash to women tightly gathered around this kitchen island watching her every move.  As I sat there amongst the women drinking wine and giggling and wondering if I should pay $2000 for this new machine I got a 1980’s flashback:

Sitting in an orange kitchen, this time with my mum (I was in pigtails) at a microwave party watching a woman demonstrate how to roast a chicken in a microwave.  As she flung open the door and pulled the sorry looking anaemic chicken off the turntable she announced that we could paint a “special brown sauce” onto the skin of it so it would look nice and golden…

I got jolted out of my memory by laughter – I looked around at them and felt very different to each one.

Why?  I’m louder and angrier than them – I felt more irritable and wanted to ignite a mutiny on board this luxurious evening.  I was bored with how long it was all taking and wanted to fire off question after question to decipher in 10 minutes flat if this was right for me. Although I liked every woman in the room I felt so different that I was in a world of my own.  Have you ever felt like this?

With another jolt I remembered a very soothing thought…I am so different because I am meant to be.  I came to this planet with a defined purpose – just like you have.   Without my BIG LOUD voice you wouldn’t hear me talking straight to YOU on stage.  And I also LOVE that I am weirdly different from a lot of women I meet – yup!  And I ask my clients to do the weirdest things (just ask them) to move them forward.

I’ve been told numerous times that I am like a cutting machine – I help women cut through their crap quickly – so it should be no surprise to me that I felt so irritable in that kitchen…and for a while there I forgot who I was and tried to meld in.  I tried to be happy with it all, but honestly I LOVE the way I felt inside instead – I wanted us peeing our pants in raucousness and togetherness, not studiously writing down notes.  I wanted a huge passionate debate on this new machine that fired me and everyone up in that room.

And of-course – I’m made this way.  So I need to LOVE that I can feel and think super differently to those around me – can you LOVE the way you are thinkng right now?

Can you LOVE your weirdness – the bit you hide from your boyfriend or lover?  Can you LOVE what you’re feeling right now – can you infact LOVE the exact spot you find yourself in?

You will let Mr Right in when you are your weird, slightly random, off beat self.

Because then the right people can find you, can see you and can love you.
The right clients can find you, see you and can LOVE you.

The right friends, community and co-workers can wrap their love around you.

Beautiful you, just as you are.
I dare you to spill a little of your weirdness out today for all to see – can you do it?

Because the right people for you will notice you today.

Treasure yourself – all of you – treasure every different thought and feeling you have today.

Because these are your unique gifts – share them – we need them and we need you.

It’s what you’ll get paid handsomely to do.

Remember – those that love you are trying to find you right now.

Leave me a comment below and tell me – can you LOVE what you’re feeling right now?  Why?

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