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Believe in Yourself

By October 31, 2022No Comments

Believe in yourself more than what the outside world is showing you. It’s just showing you what you’ve been believing in these last 6 months, and it isn’t showing you how successful you’re about to become! How much more fabulous you’re going to feel and how much more love you’re going to let in!

The outside world is no more than a reflection of where you’ve been. It doesn’t hold the power of where you’re going, you do!

Believing in yourself means believing in what you want and believing in your power to get there, more than the current story you’re telling yourself.

Of why you can’t do it. Of why it won’t work out.

Self-belief = believing before seeing.

Self-belief = believing your Higher Self before you have outside proof.

And when you believe and continue acting on it? You strengthen YOU. And as you strengthen YOU? The outside becomes weaker. It ceases to over-power you in any way because you hear your power and you act on it and you grow it. You grow you and your life.

Keep believing in YOU and your vision no matter the stories that might be cropping up for you… you’re the only one being guided by YOUR Higher Self right now, so you’re the only one that knows it’s going to work.

Build what isn’t seen yet. The life you want to live.

If you need to believe more in where you’re going more than where you’ve been, you can ask your Higher Self: “Higher Self show me how to believe you and be guided by you more than the outside world today, thank you.”

I’m live this Wednesday in my FB group to turn the volume up on your self-belief as you turn the volume down on these stories that are slowing you down., if you’d like to join me you can do so here. If you can’t make it live, the replay will be available, all details in my FB group.

When you walk around in your power, you are unstoppable!

This Wednesdays FB live is a bonus free class to prep you to get the most out of Expansion Week, my free masterclass series starting Nov 8. Have you joined Expansion Week yet? If you haven’t you can join us here.


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