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How to Recognise if you’re Running a Narcissistic Template in your Business

By May 3, 20214 Comments

What is the Narc Template and how do we know if  we’re running it in our business? If you’ve healed from Narcissistic abuse in your personal life, is it possible that it’s leaked through in your business life, making it harder for you to receive money, love and support?

I’m seeing lightworkers unconsciously run this template in their businesses, which means that although they’re talented, they’re not getting the traction, visibility and growth that they’re meant to.  I also share how my own Narc Template has stopped my own business from growing!

It’s more crucial now than ever that we clear this. Listen in to be informed, maybe have a breakthrough and maybe just create a new light template for yourself – you’re too talented and too brilliant not to!

To find out more about how I can help you release the Narc Template from your business, career or offerings, you can email me here

PS – the Narc Template is my own phrase and healing template. If you share it, please attribute it to Marina J. Thank you x

Ep 31: How to Recognise if you’re Running a Narcissistic Template in your Business

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  • Michelle says:

    Hi Marina,
    Thanks for your work and this podcast – awesome.
    Global Narc number 1: Vladimir Putin.
    I have been struggling in business for about 12 years, never really and truly making my living from it. I had first one business – promoting yoga retreats and events around the world and doing journalism, and now I have another – which is doing similar work to you – supporting and empowering women.
    I am close now to giving up. While I am considering giving up, I am working on my music – thinking that perhaps being a musician is more my calling,
    but recognising that also as a musician, I also need to be selling myself and marketing, so….
    I would love to work with you but I have literally 100$ in the bank now.
    I have taken on another job and diverted my energy from my business, even though I know that it is my calling (I do similar work to you – at retreats and online, as well as music – ) and I feel sad a little about taking on this other job which is being a kind of a drone worker training Google AI – as this is not what I came here to do – but at the same time the trauma of kind of ‘failing’ constantly as a business owner is almost too much for me to handle now.
    I agree with everything you have said and – had a conversation with a young twenty something woman recently regarding Putin and the war etc. when she said – but why is he even there? – I replied that people like us should be there but we are not because we are not narcs. But we are who the world needs to be leading countries.

    I am joining your Glow Week so I look forward to meeting you there.
    Michelle (artist name Akasha Love)

    • Marina J says:

      Hi Michelle/beautiful Akasha Love,
      Thank you for sharing where you’re at and I’m glad you joined Glow Week, I’ll be doing more free offerings in the future to help you receive easily… that is how I started learning to receive, from books and free offerings when I was a single mum. It will build for you as it sounds like you’re definitely healing this and wanting more for yourself. You are so talented! And yes… we need amazing women like you leading from the top until we are all leading ourselves. Love to you beautiful lady, Marina x

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Marina, 1000% can relate to this.

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