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Is Childhood Trauma Stopping you from Manifesting?

By April 16, 2021May 3rd, 2021No Comments

Many of us are experiencing a mild form of PTSD from the year we’ve just had. If you’re a healer or have been helping people, you might be feeling the urge to be of service more so than ever, but at the same time, need a big fat rest!

A good question to ask your higher self is, what would it feel like to be fully supported by this planet? Show me.

What would it feel like? Are you getting the support you need? I have a couple of things below that might be a wonderful support for you right now.

My beautiful friend Candace Craw-Goldman created Quantum Realms 2021 to support us this week April 11-17 in celebration of Dolores Cannon, with whom she used to work with.

She’s interviewed healers and thought leaders to rejuvenate and support us specifically in 2021.

She also interviewed me – I’m premiering on the 18th April on YouTube – it’s all happening over there – you can watch the short preview for the whole thing here and you’ll also see a quick preview of my interview here Have a look at the speakers she’s lined up I’m excited to watch them!

Sending you a ton of love and support wherever you are today!! I love Candace, she’s amazing, you can check her out here I’m so glad she’s created this to support us during this crazy ride we’re on.

Supporting your adrenals will give you the rejuvenation and deep rest you might be really needing right now. If so, have a look at Nettle Leaf, Ashwagandha and Liquorice – (all extracts rather than tinctures which are made with alcohol which I feel are counter productive in our ever growing crystalline bodies.) I like Natures Answer as a brand, you can check them out here.

Had a big download recently which was about the approach we used as kids to keep safe (esp. if you had narcissistic parents/siblings or grew up not feeling emotionally safe or physically safe.)

If you withdrew your energy to go invisible, to avoid attack when you were a kid… and that was your manifesting style that worked so perfectly then, because you survived right?… Is it possible that when you’re worrying/stressed/feeling emotionally unsafe now… that your manifesting style is STILL to withdraw and go invisible instead of manifesting LARGE and going BIG and getting BIG support??

I think this is a key reason why children of narcissists find it hard to manifest and create when they’re worried and fearful.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve done it justice in the way I’ve explained it here – but I did make it into a superfragilistic podcast episode playing above!

Ep. 29: Is childhood trauma stopping you from manifesting?

You can also listen to ‘Ep.29 Is Childhood Trauma Stopping you from Manifesting?’ on all the usual podcast platforms here.  Hit the subscribe button if you’d like to be notified when the latest episode pops! Or Search for The Turn Yourself On Podcast on your favourite platform.

Do you shrink to stay safe or manifest like a nutter to stay safe?

Your manifesting style might still be your childhood one!

In love and support of you, thank you for all that you do.

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