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Free talks, Podcasts + Healing in March!

By February 26, 2021No Comments

How are you? Would you like more ENERGY?? The beginning of this week felt exhausting for many, with many of us going to bed early! Now we’re at the end of this week – how are you feeling? I’m feeling super energised and have lots of goodies below to raise your energy! I’m doing a little courtsey….

Feeling Anxious? Listen to this. If you’re feeling anxious right now, it’s going to feel almost impossible to take action and to know that it IS the right action. Anxiousness, fear and worry can fill us up so much that our capacity for taking in joy, anything new and hearing our intuition is hard. Listen to my podcast this week to let your anxiety out and safety back in. You are not on your own. Xx Ep. 23 is here.

I was interviewed by the brilliant Steve Nobel from The Soul Matrix for his podcast last week. We talked about anger, ego, our dark side, my spine as a teenager and ascension. I find him really interesting and love his work and his meditations! You can watch us here. 

I’ve been invited to give 5 free talks next week on mental health for THE FIRESTARTERS – a virtual festival of conversation, in support of two incredible charities, ‘Rethink’ and ‘UK Youth.’  You are invited and can ask me questions directly. I would love to support you!

1 March 10am: Tackling Mental Wellbeing from all Angles.
4 March 4pm: Stop Dancing with the Energy Drainers!
5 March 1pm: Ask me Anything about Feelings…
6 March 10am: How to make Friends with Anxiety.
7 March 10am: 10 Habits to Raise your Vibration.

Book your free ticket to the FIRESTARTER talks here. 

I know it’s been another big week for everybody – whether you’re dealing with healing yourself, helping those close to you, feeling drained by what’s going on and wanting to manifest the best year for yourself… independently of what’s going on outside of you? You’re doing really bloody well – HUG yourself!!

Remember: When we win the war within we win the war without. Your inside peace IS how we create outside peace. You have more power than you know. Keep coming back to yourself anytime you find yourself wondering outwards. It really is just an illusion.

I’m teaching a shadow intensive in March to accelerate you and give you the BEST year of your life. It will teach you:

  • What shadow work is and how to confidently use it to heal yourself or when situations come up.
  • How to dissolve painful dynamics (even if they’ve gone on for years.)
  • How to fall in love with every part of you, the parts you like and the parts you don’t like so you become whole. This is real self-love.

The thing I love about shadow work is that it works! No more dealing with the same old issues, patterns and situations day after day. It’s deep conscious and subconscious healing.

As a past client of mine you’ll get 20% off and all of you will receive 1 years access to my library of 100+ classes and masterclasses to really support you this year, including classes on how to be around negativity without absorbing it (for empaths) meditations and masterclasses on healing from narcissistic abuse.

You can find out more here.

If you’re scared of change and what that means? Just know I’ll be by your side and we’ll do this together. You are in safe hands.

Shadow Alchemy is the ability to heal your pain into peace so you are free. You have this power in you! Find out more here.

See you on Instagram  Gab  MeWe  and The Soul Matrix for the latest!



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