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How are you going? Last week was huge wasn’t it? My nervous system definitely took a hit! You may already feel completely different today or much the same. What are you needing right now?

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Support for you x
Events this week you can join for free:
A free 1 hr workshop on receiving you can register for here
An Instagram live on shadow work happening here 
A 30 minute free training happening here on IGTV going live today I think!
Nourishing your Nervous System

Take from this what you need like a buffet! (There are chocolate covered strawberries at the end!)

Support for you x

Firstly? Hug yourself if last week was massive for you.

The world hasn’t gotten worse. (That’s an illusion.) Racism, evil agendas and service to self constructs have always been happening. We’re just seeing it now. Unmasked. They’ve come up to the surface en masse because SO much light on this planet exists. So much so, that the light is literally lighting up the dark to be seen by all. There is no going back. The old structures of racism are ready to collapse. They are being high-lighted to heal.

Humans Heal.

(We’re just in the shit bit.)

It always feels like this in the beginning of healing.

We are built to heal whatever comes our way. We are built to heal this planet and WE ARE. The solution lives on a higher vibration than the one we’re on. What would raise your vibration today? What healing for you needs to take place? Both will lift you out of this place.

I got a download last week. I was nervous to share it on my socials as it’s very straight up. On re-reading it I don’t feel that anymore – shows you where my nervous system was at!

This is what I shared on social media last week:

I haven’t walked in anybody’s shoes but my own. There is a lot I have not talked about on my public profiles, but I will say this; there are those behind the scenes who’s only agenda is to destabilise us to maintain and grow their control.

There is a real war happening between good and evil. A war on love, freedom and ascension. I don’t say that lightly. My job on this planet is to activate people into their own self-healing so they walk truly in their power. There are millions of us helping, thank you for your part, we are all important for the whole.

So many of us are coming together and healing what is triggering us and bringing us pain. THIS is one of the huge ways we RISE. Do the work. Drop performance activism. Heal your shadow, the unconscious programming, the trauma, the fear, the injustice, all of it. It’s huge and is not to be minimised by anyone who has not walked in your shoes.

Nobody can tell you how you should feel. That’s abuse. Hug yourself and be the love love love that you already are. Don’t diminish yourself because you fear judgement. See the game and refuse to play it. See your own game and refuse to play it. Own what’s coming up for you so you no longer project it onto others and expect them to take on your wounds. They’re yours. Own them. If they’re mine? I don’t expect you to take them on. If you’re trying to prove you’re not a racist, you probably are. Own that to release that programming. Babies aren’t born racist. They’re programmed.

We are all in this together. But, I have not walked in your shoes. And you have not walked in mine. Let’s not pretend to understand but listen and hold each other tight. Let’s hold hands and be there for each other while all doing the work. When we hold hands? Those that thrive from evil will finally disappear forever.

Pic courtesy of Noreen Van Gug


Unity… And if you’ve been on the receiving end of racism and everything that comes with it? You are going to be one of our true leaders.

Events this week you can join for free:

A free 1 hr workshop on receiving you can register for here
Wednesday 10th June 1-2pm ZOOM
Receiving Week with Fora: You’re not on your own. Are you receiving enough support? Do you know how to confidently ask for what you want? And actually get it? In a way that doesn’t make you wince?! Join me to practice The 3 “A”s so that you receive the support you need to propel you towards your dreams – be that at home or at work. Receiving support from those around you and also opening up to receive guidance from your higher self is key. These two tools have gotten my clients pay rises, promotions, real help around the house, angel investors saying yes and even moody teenagers saying yes!

An Instagram live on shadow work happening here 
Thursday 11 June 8pm IG Live on Ethereal Primrose Hills IG account
Shadow work with Ethereal Primrose Hill:  I’m taking over Ethereal Primrose Hill’s IG this Thursday. Join me for an IG live to receive support and self-acceptance for everything you’re feeling right now. When we can own our shadow and make friends with it? Then every feeling from fear to anger to self-sabotage will no longer have power over us. Come with your questions about how you’re feeling, and together, gently but powerfully transmute your feelings back to peace, safety and love.

A 30 minute free training happening here on IGTV going live today I think!
Monday 8th June my IGTV training will be on Balance’s Instagram
Emotional Yoga with Balance: Hand Map Healing™ is emotional yoga; it’s healing, grounding, uses your body and puts the power back into your hands in ANY situation you find yourself in. Use this mini workshop to strengthen your own guidance system so you do make the right decision for you.

Nourishing your Nervous System

You can watch the video I did on Instagram to support your nervous system here (You don’t need to have IG to watch it.)

What’s coming up for you right now? For many anxiety, fear and uneasiness are being felt more  than any before. Hugging you if that’s you. ????

What do you feel in your body? Is your throat tight? Solar plexus nervy? Chest? Stomach? Is your lower back aching? Are you on edge?

Beautiful woman, know this: Feeling the collectives pain, and, what this world is bringing up in you can be exhausting.

What is this bringing up in you? Memories of abuse? Old trauma? Old fears? Has it re-opened up old wounds?

Are you able to address them? Are you strong enough to, right now? Or feeling very overwhelmed by it all and it’s all just too much and you want, need, have to get away from it all?

Your answer is correct for you. Honouring where you’re at right now is your healing…

What is this feeling inside of you wanting you to do for yourself? What is it needing you to do? If the fear inside your solar plexus could talk – what would it say to you?

Stay connected to your body right now – your body holds your wisdom and is, right now, guiding you back to peace. Keep listening and keep giving to yourself. Do you need comfort? Warmth? To be held? Do you need strength? Transformation? To receive? Self-love? Support?

Receive what you need to receive YOU back.

Whether you’re a warrior on the front lines, a warrior behind the scenes, brilliantly loud on social media or quietly following your guidance, check in with yourself at points during the day. “What do I need?”

What do you need in this moment? ????

The standouts for me right now are:

Hypericum/St Johns Wort Oil to rub on the upper chest and lower back before bed.
Verbena tea/Vervain tea before bed
Frankincense oil taken internally (only with an internal oil like Doterra’s.)

In the video I share lots of different things that are helping us right now. This isn’t about doing more. A frazzled nervous system won’t allow you to take in much info or do much more. This is for you to receive more. What two things could you add in that would make you go, ahhhh… ? They won’t take long, but they will imbue you with more for the long haul. The more output I have in either emotion and the work that I put out into the world? The more I need to receive.

Happy receiving Goddess… receiving IS your birthright.

Like this! Told you there’d be some chocolate covered strawberries at the end! xx

PS I’m also running an in-depth 2-hour Power Workshop to turn our power UP on July 8th, via Zoom. You can get tickets for £10 or £6 to support you financially here. 

Receive, receive, receive!

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