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{Audio} Ignite Your Inner-Power Today

By February 9, 2018November 28th, 2018No Comments

What would you do with more inner-power today?  Make a big decision with confidence? Trust your feeling and just fucking go for it? Care less about what people think? Create that life you dream about QUICKER?


Well that’s good because I was interviewed by my good friend Amber Prosia on her brand new Parenting Biz Podcast (was an honour to be her first guest on her brilliant show) and I talk about just that!

I take you through what I do, so that by the end of the podcast you’ll be fired up. (You deserve it and I like firing you up.)



This is for you to ignite your inner-power TODAY. Not next week. (There’s no power in THAT.)

My podcast will be available on ITunes and some other place I can’t remember (am so not into technology sometimes it hurts) – but for now – you get special access to it on YouTube. Here it is xx  If you have Facebook you can also listen to it here.

Pics from my talks in Melbourne and Sydney this month!

 I talked about **Receiving** in Melbourne. Have you received twice as much as the men around you today?  What do you need today to flourish? Do you need self-love? Transformation? Strength? Or to receive? Pick one and give it to yourself in a little way or a big way. It doesn’t actually matter. Just that you give yourself the opportunity to flourish and glow today.  Turn to P.260 in Turn Yourself On for a refresher or to light a fire under your beautiful derrière!

I HAD to leave a delicious court-side seat half way through the Nadal tennis match (at the Australian Open) to rush off and give my talk – here he is – don’t you love that he’s in PINK?  I smiled BIG!

Here we are in Sydney receiving health and emotional inspiration from myself and the beautiful Charlotte Mutoro – was such a beautiful night with over $1000 worth in prizes won!

If you’d like to join me for my next event – it’s about using kinesiology on ourselves to clear blocks and manifest powerfully in 2018. I’m really interested in this, and if this talks to you – grab your tickets here (they’re free, my gift to you.)

Have a gorgeous rest of your week!


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