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Have you had enough?

By December 13, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

When your painful pattern is staring you in the face there’s no where else to look.
painful pattern
Sure you can distract yourself – but you know.
painful pattern
You just KNOW don’t you? There’s nowhere else to look but straight into its eyes and finally deal with what you’ve been putting off for the longest time: You.
mercury retrograde

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in December 2017. Whilst the planet Mercury is notorious for playing havoc with communication and technology (your communications are not heard, seen, or understood; you have computer, internet, phone, house, car issues.) This time Mercury Retrograde is also putting into sharp focus the one thing that’s been getting you down. And it’s in your face.
This is good. You have two options:
  1. Keep ignoring it and hope it will go away = you’ll flatline and withdraw from the world.
  2. Face it = You’ll begin to RISE

Shall we face it together, just you and me – just for a bit?

1. If you could boil down all of it into one sentence – what is the biggest dynamic that’s staring you in the face right now, that frankly, you’re done with?

“I give out all this energy and don’t get much back.”
“I’m so frightened of failure and rejection and judgment that I’ve put a lid on myself.”
“I don’t really love myself. I just pretend to.”

2. Are you finally tired of this dynamic? Shout YES at me, whisper yes to yourself and hear that. Hear YOU.

3. Mark out the next three weeks to heal it. Begin today with research. What or who do you need to support you? Because you’re built to heal, you just need the right mix of things for you!

4. What inner guidance do you keep hearing but ignore? Write it down.

5. Now. If you don’t take these steps, the next ones won’t be revealed to you. It’s how the universe works. Begin today and the way forward will open up for you.

What can you begin with today?
Might be to cut sugar out.
Might be to meditate on it and pray.
Might be to book a course, a coach, something online.
It might be the most imperfect teeny tiny step.
Doesn’t matter what you do today.
Just that you do it differently.
You start.


You actually already have the first step don’t you? Did you know that one of the first steps I get my clients to do is to actually LET IT OUT?

All the anger, disappointment, disillusionment, ALL OF IT. If this speaks to you begin on P.149 of Turn Yourself On. If you don’t have it I’m sending signed copies of my book out right now for Christmas gifts at a special deal – click here to get it – remember you can get a non-signed book cheaper here and also download an electronic copy today via Amazon etc here.

The thing is that you take your small step today – you’ll feel so much better. You CAN DO THIS. You have it in you. Every client that’s finished my program heals. It’s because it’s in you to do this.

Take that small step. You’ll feel so much better today. I’m going to do the same for myself today. Because I utterly deserve it. And so do you.

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Have a beautiful week,

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