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Rise. Sister.

By October 18, 2017November 28th, 2018No Comments

Rise. Sister. Oh Goddess! What do you make of the Harvey Weinstein stories coming out?

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Hollywood + The Feminine

So… I have to say, it’s healthy. Every time somebody comes out of the shadows and shares something they’ve kept hidden, the truth wins. And the truth? Always comes out in the end. And it’s meant to.

The more you share of what happened? The more love and care you can let in. Nobody should be on their own after abuse. Nobody should live mute after this.

I wanted to share my thoughts on what women have said about Harvey Weinstein, now ex head of film company, Miramax. (If this is news for you, just google his name.)

That it’s happened, hasn’t shocked anyone. That it’s remained covered up for this long, by so many people? Has.

Feeling powerless, scared, abused, hurt, shut down by those around them, being humiliated, raped, sexually abused, and everything in between plus being betrayed by those around them who were instructed to look after their careers, health and well-being is shocking.

To sit on the fence, and be complicit, about anything in life is to leave a door wide open for a predator.

Just know this:

If you’re as shocked as I am.
If this too has happened to you or anyone you know.
If you feel these womens absolute grief at what happened as I do, hugely, shockingly.

Just know that CHANGE is afoot.

Those who wage war against the feminine? The spotlight is turning towards them.

There is a rising of the feminine within every man and every woman whose light will shine on the dark.

We’re just beginning really.

I remember saying last year – I think the narcissists will fall in 2017 like never before. The abusers, and those crushing the feminine. They will take big falls. I hope I am right. I believe the next 20-50 years we will have an evening up of male/feminine power.

So we are in transition.

The time where abusers are pointed out, their behaviour revealed.

So this is actually a time to celebrate! We Are Reclaiming Our Power.

We are weeding out those who have abused the sacred amongst us:

Women: in all our beauty, feminine grace and gentleness.

So let’s celebrate sister, by celebrating WHO we are today.

Would you like to celebrate the rising feminine with me today? (Which makes it rise even more by the way!)

The feminine is rising sister. In you, right now as you read this. 

And let it rise!

How do we do that today?

Here are some scrumptious things that will turn your feminine power On.

Your feelings – let them out today and express them! Loudly! Cry them out, shout them out, write them out, say them. No more putting a lid on them. They’ll set you free! Can you say what your deepest feeling is right now, out loud? To me? Say it!

With no apologies.

(Feelings are feminine, thoughts are masculine.)

Call a girlfriend for two minutes and tell her how much you love and appreciate her!


(When you put the phone down you’ll feel your feminine, rise.)

Everything that makes you happy? Pick one thing. Do it, then do it a lot!

(It’s not frivolous, it’s your feminine light you’re igniting!)

Put a flower behind your ear – it’s not a flimsy girly sign of weakness – it’s feminine power. The power of nature, love, and the magical sacred.

Dance your power today. Feel it as you dance! (I’m dancing to Sia after this.)

Instead of doing what you dread alone today, collaborate and ask for help! Ask a girlfriend to come with you, help you with that awkward task, show you how to do it.

(Doing it on your own is masculine. Receiving is feminine.)

Can you see how a lot of these things are the things you love in your life? (I’m smiling.) You’d naturally gravitate towards them if you hadn’t grown up with so much judgement around them… x

And just to be clear; there’s nothing wrong with the masculine, it’s wonderful actually; but when we do too much of it?

We as women flatline.

So what if you made plugging into your feminine light today a priority?

Would you have MORE of it?

Ahh… Rise. Sister.
When you light up – you light up the world!

(Which in turn lights you up again..!)

Have a beautiful day today doing more of what comes naturally to you!


If you’re reading Turn Yourself On flick to the chapter: “Turn on your Pleasure” for deeper ways to turn on your feminine power.

The feminine is rising in me and you… can you feel it?

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All my love,

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