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How to walk out of overwhelm today

By September 26, 2017November 28th, 2018No Comments

This is one of my busiest weeks on record. I’m up at 5am to deal with it all and I’m doing all the right things – I’m exercising in the mornings, I’m meditating, I’m having green juices…

… in fact, I’m doing everything I should be doing this week – and yet I literally cannot go fast enough! How are you going this week?  Are you running like I am?

If you ever have crazy days – how do you leave the overwhelm behind? How am I going to walk out of overwhelm today?

I’m planning to have more breaks. It sounds funny, and the panic might be rising in you at just those words, but it does, actually, work. Promise. (Cue big smiley face.)

Try this:

Look at your list of things to do. (Take no more than 30 seconds – let’s face it, you don’t have more time than that.)
Rate each “to-do” in terms of energy – how much energy each task will give you or take away?  

For example, doing my tax today will drain me.

So add a D or an A (for drain or add.)

So the more drains? The more eye rolling at what you’ve got on?

The more you’ve got to stop and receive
The more breaks you and I put into our day.

Sounds counter-intuitive… but it actually works. It will actually s-t-r-e-t-c-h time for you and give you more energy at the end of the day, than you had at the beginning! OO. Imagine that?!

So instead of a to-do-list.
It becomes a to-have-a-great-day-list.

Because to have a great day, you have to place the happy fairly and squarely in your day, no matter what. 

Want some inspiration?

Ok here’s what I’m doing:

Every 30 minutes I’m either going to:
Make TEA.
STRETCH to music (1 min MAX)
Slick RED lippie on
LAUGH at something
That’s it.

To plug back into my light.

And yes I really am doing it every 30 minutes – so I don’t go MAD.

Because my HAPPINESS is everything! I’m that bloody important.

And so are you.

So this requires discipline –  and to do it – especially when I don’t feel like it. ESPECIALLY WHEN I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT!

Did I say that twice?

You know what dancing and laughing every 30 minutes does for me?
It adds to me
So by the end of the day, I’ve cancelled out the drains.

Because if I’m not connected to my light? I cannot be of service to you.

As you read these next words, take three big breaths in; breathe in, hold your breath in a for a beat, and then breathe out… I like to do this too on crazy days – it doesn’t change how much I have to do – but it does change how I feel – and that is everything to me.

If you’re reading Turn Yourself On check out “Glitter Bits” P.288 for ideas.

And yes that is a pic of me shaking my HAIR!

Q: Are you treating yourself like a Goddess right now?

Join me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, I’d love to hear what kind of breaks turn your light back ON during the day – is it something physical you do too?

My love to you – have a gorgeous day gorgeous woman! X

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