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Need to Change Your Life? Watch This.

By August 9, 2017December 4th, 20182 Comments

What happens when you want to change something in your life but you seem to be procrastinating on that decision? For days, months, even years?

What happens when you know you need to make a change in your life but you’re…  just not feeling it?

Like you know you should… but…

Do you waste time? Languish like a lama in Self-Doubt-Land?  Do you ‘sit with itall spiritual like, but truly don’t get a strong feeling either way?

Your job, that relationship, your future, that situation that’s sapping you, your life’s purpose, your business, your health, that decision you’re procrastinating on, that same situation that you’ve been oh-so-sweetly tolerating…

Still the same, STILL the same, STILL THE SAME.

It can happen to the best of us – we can get lost because we’re just not feeling it. 

Would you like to change your life? With your whole body and soul – so that it’s powerful? Once and for all? So you do make that change that’s deep inside of you? Then I’m going to ask you to do something that comes very naturally to you!

I’m going to ask you to complain, bitch and moan!



Because this is where you naturally start. At the beginning of ANY change – we MUST feel what we don’t want.

Instead of feeling bad for doing it? Because it’s negative? I want you to go ALL OUT!


Because when you decide what you don’t want?
Your POWER comes rushing back in.

And it feels so good!

It’s HERE that you come when you want to make a change in your life.

Because your power rushing back in? = CHANGE.

Are you ready to turn ON your power?

ENJOY doing it!

If you’re reading Turn Yourself On head to Chapter 3 to go get your power BACK!

In this video let’s decide together. We’re going to do it in real time, you and me.

Watch the video above now.


You’re only a Decision away from Having a much Bigger Smile on your Face – you got that Goddess? 



Turn Yourself On: 

What would your week look like if you didn’t dwell in Making-Do-Land? You were not built to live a life of one compromise after another – you have been designed, since birth, to live the life that’s waiting for you! But to do that?  You’ve got to TURN ON your ability to heal what’s in your way this very minute – and the best thing is?  You’ve been designed to do that too!

Click here to begin Turning Yourself ON today

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  • Suzanna Jacoby says:

    Brilliant video! Thanks so much for this. I recently made a decision and have been wondering ever since if I made the right one. Your video has made me realise I definitely did make the right decision and has given me the permission I needed to give myself to let go now! Thank you xx

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