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You Deserve a Life that Makes You Utterly Happy!

By August 24, 2017December 4th, 20182 Comments

Question: How turned on are you by your life right now? On a scale of 1-10?

What number did you get?

Your brutal honesty is a beautiful thing AND the perfect starting point for feeling good again! No beating up of yourself – we don’t do that here. (I’m sticking my tongue out at you incase you can’t see me!)

Today I want to share a method from my book Turn Yourself On that I’ve used time and time again – and it’s one that I LOVE simply because I need it and it always floods my life with good feelings and energy.

It’s deciding what I do want. Wholeheartedly and with my whole soul:

Desire is life.  Sit close to your desire and feel your life force rise!
To sit close is to allow your deepest longings, urgings, and the quietest whisperings of your soul to come up to the surface. To be acknowledged and heard. Without editing. Without apology. Without undoing them. Just as they are. Raw, pure, true, YOU. This is how you live a life that is true to you. By being honest about what you want.  – Excerpt from Turn Yourself On

In today’s video we’re going to turn your natural energy – your zest for life and feeling goooood, on on ON!

Because you deserve to live a life that turns you on!

And you can’t create a life that turns you ON, if you don’t let yourself want what you want.

If you ever feel disillusioned with going after what you want (cause it’s probably not gonna happen) read chapter 4 of my book.  It will put a rocket in those gorgeous knickers of yours!  I wrote this chapter for you because I know what it’s like when you’re getting nothing back from life.

You were not put on this earth to suffer – you’re too beautiful for that.

If you already have my book you’ll be able to download the free sheet on desire with the secret code… ooo… shhh!

You ready? MWA! My love to you xx

Watch the video above now  xx Let me know how it helps you!

And you know the best way to start? Is to decide how you want to feel today! How do you want to feel today? I’d love to hear what you’re wanting for your day today in the comments below. Join me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, because YOU inspire me! (more than you know.)

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