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The Winter Ritual

By June 20, 2017November 29th, 2018No Comments

Did you know that the Winter Solstice happens tomorrow on June 21st in the Southern Hemisphere marking the end of an emotional cycle for you? …and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere of this darling planet right now? Then you just enjoyed your Summer Solstice! Either way it marks the end of a cycle.

This year I feel it’s particularly important for us to create a magical ritual.  You and I are numerically living in a “1” year  and so this year is about new beginnings for you and I! (Woohoo!)

Your new might have shown up already, or it might just be starting or it might feel really slow.  Either way – to let in the new?

You have to be Willing to Release the Old.

These last few months have been asking us to do life differently. To shed old beliefs, people and jobs and situations that don’t vibrate highly, thought patterns that hurt us and anywhere in our lives where we’ve abandoned ourselves, not believed we can do it and stopped ourselves or sabotaged ourselves from being the greatest expression of ourselves!

We deserve:

Real respect.  Real friendship.  Real support. Real love.  Real whatever it is that we haven’t been experiencing.

Yes it’s time. So as nature is having it’s ritual of the longest night and the shortest day, so we are in sync with nature. If you’re feeling tired and procrastinaty this winter, watch my video.

An ending has occurred.

Wanna celebrate it with me?

Here’s how you do it:

Creating Your Winter Ritual:

Sit in a circle of stones, semi precious stones, flowers, twigs, leaves, shells, beach glass, special things from nature and light a candle or candles if you’re candle crazy like me! (Have a notepad and pen.)

Close your eyes and bring into your mind the past few months.  Remember what happened?  Bring into your mind some key events. (The ones you wished had gone differently.) Then jot them down quickly. Breathe in and remind yourself that these were all lessons brought to you so you could evolve.  We’re going back so we can go forward.

Now, write down every single gift you got because of these events/lessons. For example:

  • Real confidence. The kind not affected by what anybody says or does. BOOM.
  • My power BACK. Forever.
  • That I don’t owe you anything. I’m a free spirit.

Now get very very thankful.  Say out loud, “Thank you xxxx for teaching me xxxx about myself and about how I must now move forward with this gift.”

Really thank the past. “The gift I got was far greater than the pain of this situation. Thank you.”

“The pain lasted a certain amount of time, but this gift I now have because of what happened?  I have for a lifetime, thank you!”

When you have written all your thank you’s out, either to yourself or specific people, it is time for you to get quiet, go within and forgive them and yourself.  Now you have the gift, you can forgive them.  We are not condoning their actions or yours but we are saying – darling woman – it’s time to let go of the resentment and leave this nicely tucked away “in my learning box.”  “It has no need to come with me on my next part of my journey.”

Touch each stone, each element that is around you and say, “I forgive you, I make peace with my past, I am now free,” and breathe in and out. Then go to the next element you have around you. For deeper healing and deeper forgiveness access my book Turn Yourself On. Or book in with somebody fab for subconscious healing. But for now YOU making this statement to yourself and to the universe? Is magical in its effect. Because you are drawing a line in the sand and saying. ENOUGH!

Now it’s time to create your magical new! It’s time to set your intentions! Are you ready?  On a fresh piece of paper write out everything you want to create in the next 6 months until the next summer/winter solstice. Ask that any blocks, fears, vagueness be easily lifted from you. Once again close your eyes and with the power of the Solstice, know that you are in sync with nature. And together, with nature at your back, are creating your highest possibility in the next 6 months.

Ask, “What’s possible for me?” “Now I am free to start fresh, what could I create?” Allow yourself to flow and dream and see and feel.  Write it all down.  And then write, “I’d like this or something higher.” Now see that every single stone/element around you represents the new dream you want.  Touch each stone and bless it, “Thank you, my good is here.” Breathe in and out, then go to the next stone.

And so it is done!

You’re a magical spirit in a human body that needs to touch the magical and invite nature in.  Your ceremony can be 10 minutes or the whole hoopla!

The trick (it’s magical) is:

To know you’re important.

You were born, therefore you are 100% worthy

To know you are meant to experience the greatest love, the greatest respect and the greatest happiness this lifetime.

Your ritual now honours you at your highest light.


My love to you,

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