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Even Though…

By December 12, 2016November 29th, 2018No Comments

In today’s GLITTER letter to you! …

Even Though…

In wrapping up 2016… Even though this year hasn’t gone as I expected. Even though it’s been bloody hard.  Even though the mask fell off so many people I thought were “good.” Even though I still haven’t got my life in order and in some areas NOTHING has shifted, the same crap is still happening… Like:

  • My money issue
  • My relationship
  • Or lack therof – where is Mr Right?
  • That work “thing” that keeps cropping up
  • My health
  • My fear of – what now???  I’m a bit eek! About the future…
  • That situation with the house/job/opportunity/court/him/her/me/them that’s NOT MOVING.COM
  • I’m still mostly Ms. Norman No-Mates after a big year of letting go of all the takers…

Even though my story this year was some of this or all of this…??!

Even though it’s been my story.

I do not have to become my story of lack, failure, pain, disappointment, shame and heaviness.

I may have lived it, but I do not have to become it, day in, day out. Think like it or look like it. I do not have to become that thing that’s happened to me this year.

Say out loud:

I am not what happened this year.

I am not what is or is not happening for me right now.

Wrap your arms around yourself – can you have compassion for beautiful you? (I dare you to.)

WALK out of the story of this year.


Stop telling it so you stop designing your future with it.

I’m going to chuck a big bucket of glitter over you!


Gosh it suits you!

This glitter contains all the power of the universe and the power of you that you don’t have access to when you’re in your story.

We cannot carry the past into the present if we change our vibration.

See the glitter all over you?

This is your glitter sister! Revel in it!

You’ll feel light and fantastic if:

You tell the story you want to hear.* (Even if the present is completely the opposite.)

When I was a single mum I was relentless in telling myself the same story over and over; “I’m rich, I have the man of my dreams, I have my own company, a large house by the sea and I really fucking flourish.”  (In real life, I was living the exact opposite life.) I told myself this story through my daily tears, during my 3 jobs, and when I felt like the world was stacked against me. I was bloody determined. Tell yourself the story you want to hear no matter what. Step out of the old sister.

You invite the universe in to co-create with you.*

You’re not on your own, even if you feel you are.

You forgive* yourself for making those “mistakes” this year.

Are you important enough to forgive?  I think so. Your belief that everybody is good, didn’t serve you so well this year.  The reality is, yes they are – at their highest level. But their human selves can be riddled with ego which means you got fucked about a bit. It’s OK. It happened to everyone I know, and really, it’s your kind hearted nature, your pure heart and your light that I love about you.  Next time you’ll trust your instincts, lessons learned and use your fabulous dark side a little more in some of your dealings, so you don’t get messed around.

You realise you’re richer in spirit this year than you’ve ever been.

You just had a masterclass this year in self respect.  You won’t need this lesson again if you heed it.

* My book, ‘Turn Yourself On’ , has my story and how I stepped out of it for good + how to free yourself from your story + how to create a life that turns you on (with the universe) and how to forgive yourself –  plus you’ll get special access to a private page!

There is light and freedom from this year when you stop telling your old story.

Just because it happened.

Doesn’t mean it will again.

Your passport out of here is a new vibration.  Tell yourself a new story that fits the new you, your new self-love, self-respect, and vision.  “My new story is….. ” Then, meditate, get out into nature, surround yourself with crystals, natural healing energies, dance your soul, laugh till you pee, connect to yourself in yoga, when you swim, walk, see a life coach, therapist for real deep healing… Ahhh… Keep telling your new story and engaging in things every day that refresh that new story and make it bigger and bigger, just like I did when I was a single mum. It moved me out of that very painful situation much faster than if I’d sank down to the actual vibration of my life. 


You have glitter all over you again – did you just throw that bucket over yourself?

With your new story?


This is the best Christmas present of all!

You’re FREE!

P.S. I want to let you know I’m running a workshop to Turn Your Power ON This Month, in Manly, Sydney January 22nd and it’s cleansing Japanese Yoga + Powerful Self-healing Techniques. (It’s for you to ‘bring whatever you need to shift this month.’) Click here for details.

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P.P.S. It’s the last week for you to order and get signed copies of ‘Turn Yourself On’ in time to send to your friends & family for Christmas!

Goddess… ahhh… Know that you are LOVE, you are beautiful and this year has given you the biggest Christmas present of all – A very wise YOU! Covered in glitter! The glitter of your newfound intuition, self-respect, strength and new future you are paving as we speak. I know you are tired after a big year. I’m right with you and I know that you’ll begin next year freer than you ever have before.

Thank you for all your support this year; from all the beautiful personal notes you sent me when my book came out and your stories after I send these newsletters out, to helping make my book a #1 best-seller – it’s been quite a ride this year and it’s an honour that you still say yes to receiving my newsletters in your inbox!

Thank you!

I’m wishing you a really beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year and I’ll see you in January!

All my love

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