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My New Book is Here!

By January 20, 2016December 1st, 2018No Comments

Yes you read correct! TODAY is the day my new book comes out!

And do you know where my book is?

It’s waiting for you here – USA, here – UK, here – AUS and here – WORLD.

Are you ready to get your fabulous BACK?  I mean for real?


My new book ‘Turn Yourself On’ is going to do just that for YOU!

For when you’re upset with him, her, or with life in general…because your happiness is everything!

I wrote this book for you!

And I’m so excited for you to have this, a best friend by your side that’s going to take you higher than you can alone and support you back to your fabulous when the shit hits the fan.

I’m really happy about this, in fact I’m ecstatic, I can’t describe how good this feels – OOO!

I’d love you to help me spread the word about this book!

Here’s how:

  1. Share the links to my new book (here – USA, here – UK, here – AUS and here – WORLD) with as many peeps as possible through social media.  The more gorgeous the better!
  2. Hit the pink Tweet and FB buttons below to share this with others now.
  3. Email friends and buy this book for friends who you know need this!

Thank you for shouting out loud and sharing this with others.  Thank you in advance for helping the people around you feel fabulous – you’re fabulous for doing it!

Before you get started, let me tell you what’s inside it’s pages…

You know how it is…you feel like you’re going through the motions – you’re not depressed – but most days you don’t feel you have much to look forward to. No one knows it of course, but you feel it, especially at night. You have a shelf full of self-help books but everything you’ve done up until now has only taken you so far, you’re still not in that life that’s waiting for you. And you know there’s greatness in you.

When you’re…

  • Hurt or upset by what they just did to you
  • Insecure because of what’s been going on
  • Angry with yourself for sabotaging yourself again
  • Crap at asking for what you want
  • Ready for a big fat change
  • And you’re ready to be utterly fabulous…

Open this book at the exact page you need; every page is overflowing with an opulence of gorgeous tools, ideas and techniques that will support you daily – because your happiness really is everything.

I’m going to gorgeously guide you to turn on your sensuality, your self-love, and your ability to heal…deeply. And what to do when you’re having a bad day?

…TURN YOURSELF ON will put a rocket in those knickers of yours! You’ll receive the confidence and the glittery know-how to powerfully heal yourself back to fabulous – because for a woman like you? Nothing less will do.

Book Love

As well as my book being what you need:

When you grab a copy of my book, you’ll find a secret code inside that gives you special access to even more support – it’s my gift to you xx

And you’re invited to my book launch! Buy my book and come! Wherever you are in the world…deets coming to you next week!

Thank you for sharing this special moment with me, and thank you for sharing it with those you know would really benefit from it.

And those links again to buy my book:

USA Amazon

USA Barnes & Noble

UK Amazon

UK Book Depository

AUS Marina J

AUS Book Depository

WORLD Book Depository 

How you feel is everything to me,

And I know it is to you too.

My love to you

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