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What could this moment hold for you?

By February 11, 2015December 3rd, 2018No Comments

What could this moment hold for you?

Well…What moment are you in right now?

– A really really good one?

– One that you can’t wait to leave?

– Meh…an alright one, you could take it or leave it…?

Did you know that this moment that you’re in right now holds the key to making your next moment…better?

See, it contains all of the ingredients that when noticed and used (in the right way) will give you a much sweeter next moment.

You see every moment exists to be lived and to be used for your next moment.

Are you using / living this current moment fully?  Or are you ignoring it hoping it will go away soon? Because you’re feeling kind of yuk.  Because you don’t want to be here doing this.  Because you wish that hadn’t happened?

I’m going to ask you to go much deeper into this moment, because whether you’re loving or loathing this current moment you’re residing in, one fact remains true for you, me and everybody:

This moment creates the next.

Are you using it properly?

Each moment contains the seeds of desire.

Feel into the moment and you can desire.

Ignore it and you won’t know what you want.

Ignore it and you won’t get into the next moment feeling different.

Ignore it over years and you won’t be in the life you thought you would be in by now.

Ignore the seeds of desire present in this moment and you will stay lumbered with what this moment is giving YOU.

What is this moment giving you? See if you can put a name to it.

Fat    Tired   Relaxed   Vague   Exhausted   Depressed   Angry   Weak  Confused  Disappointed  Excitable  Alive   Happy   Sexy

Now let’s use what this moment is giving you to make your next moment sweeter.

(You deserve it.) How?….By using this very moment to create a genuine desire for yourself.

What do you want to feel in this next moment…instead?

Hopeful?   Strong?   Determined?   Feisty?   Energised?   Decisive?   Lucky?
Happier still – instead of it fading away like usual?

You tell me, what do you want to feel instead?

Why? Ok! You just did it!

You just used this moment to create a sweeter next moment for yourselfBecause even if your outsides haven’t changed, your insides have.

They’re feeling happier.  Hopeful. Alive again.  And that is the energy you need to move forward with. No matter what the present moment just gave you.

When I was a single mum this saved me. When I’ve been down in the past this has saved me. And if I feel upset in the future?  Hell yeah I’m going to use it and everything coming my way to ignite a desire in me for things to be different.

That’s why this moment is so precious. If you live it. If you feel it. If you don’t wish it away, but instead use it.  

Use it to allow desire to rise up within that can only serve to vibrate YOU at a higher level than your current moment. Try it!

Now, a little love note to you if you’re feeling blocked with this.  

The biggest block to using any moment to make the next sweeter is?…

… Past disappointment.

Yup, Mrs Disappointment likes to sit on desire so you don’t even feel her. Like a big couch she sits on it. So you cannot connect to any excitement of your life being better.  Because you just can’t see it. Feel it. Believe it quite frankly.

So what do I have for you if Mrs Disappointment is currently sipping tea with you in this moment? (Minus the cake, there is no sweetness here.)

Is to find a way to show her the door.  Not on your own. You’ll talk yourself out of it.  Talk to someone that you trust that will only stubbornly see you at your highest. A really strong girlfriend, somebody who is already where you want to be, a counsellor, a coach, join a program. Really it doesn’t matter what you do, but it does matter that you invest in YOU so that Mrs Disappointment has no authority over you or your next moment.

Because you’re precious.  Because you know you deserve more.

What could this moment hold for you?…

Everything. Your future.

So what is this moment wanting YOU to desire?

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Because your desire shared is your desire amplified.

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