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Have you lost your motivation? What do you really want?

By January 28, 2015December 3rd, 20184 Comments

Have you lost your motivation?  What do you really want?

Are you connecting to that thing that you do right now?  That thing you worked on so hard last year?  Or have you lost your motivation? What do you really want?

The start to this year has been very different for most people I know.  Instead of it being gung-ho – with a YES I’m going to do this and this and this…Ah…it’s been a little quiet hasn’t it?

And did you notice that your newsletters from me and others you subscribe to…did not for the first time scream gorgeous motivational GO GO GO messages for the New Year?

So this life that you set up for yourself…are you losing motivation for it?

Is this you?

  • You no longer want to rush
  • Multi tasking is so last year
  • You’re not motivated to pack so much into your day
  • You can’t get into work as much, you’ve lost interest
  • You’re yearning to spend more time with your children and family
  • When someone you love talks, you find yourself really wanting to see them, hear them, so you don’t miss anything
  • You’re realising what’s important to you
  • You can see through the B.S.
  • You’re appreciating your old friends more and realising what you did have
  • You’re ready to drop people in your life who are all talk and no action

It’s not that what you wanted last year isn’t important now…it’s just that maybe it’s not as important as it once felt?

Who would have thought?  You?

Would you like to know how you can help yourself through this?  Because even though it feels like you’ve lost yourself, actually you haven’t. You’ve just lost the fake you around December/January.  The fake you that put up with that fake bubble that’s been around you for some time.

Wanna burst it?

Wanna know how?

It’s to fall in love with the sweetness of life again.

Yes your heart is calling you – can you hear her?  She’s been calling for a while now and whilst your reasons for not listening to her seemed logical last year…these reasons seem to have become rather flimsy, and you can see right through them.  In fact you can probably see right through a lot of things right now.  List them. Right here. You need to do this for you and for your soul.

This list you’re looking at, there’s no sweetness here is there?  Only harshness.  And you’ve softened this year.  Did you know that all of nature rejoices when you soften?

What sweetness are you being drawn to right now?

Is it to have more conversation with ……. And ……?

Is it to spend time with ……?

Are you being drawn to go outside more and be in nature?

Remind yourself of the sweetness you’re currently being pulled towards right now by writing it down.  People, music, places, experiences, food.   The gifts that this world has been offering you more of lately…

Is it possible that your heart is calling you to stop running so fast so you can really enjoy living on this planet right now? Because in running so fast after (that thing) you miss taking in the sweetness of life. The sweet smile that really warms your heart, the time you need to bake a cake for those you love, the heart space you want to be in. Is it possible that the very thing you’ve been wanting all along is to savour more, languish in the love of close ones, and relish what is all around you – colour, light, happiness? To revel in another’s joyful exuberant conversation as you potter around a home you love?

And is it possible that falling in love with the sweetness that is present in your life right now, no matter how tiny or obvious is your gift to yourself this very day?

Cherish your life.  Take it in.  Marvel at the richness of it.

You’re realising a lot about the people that are in your life right now.

Those who there for you – see them – LOVE them.  Cook for them, be kind to them, listen to them, share with them.  Spend time with them; enrich them by giving the best of yourself when you get home.  Be loyal to them above all else.  Here is your sweetness.  Revel in it.

Those who do not see you, bless them, but let them go.

Sweet kisses, real conversations, warm bear hugs, knowing when it’s time to leave your desk, knowing what’s important.

What’s important to you?

Make yourself a mini sweet list just here.

What do you really want?  Write this out with me now.

  • To not work & be looked after?
  • To have a baby?
  • To cook for your family and have a lot of togetherness?
  • To leave your job/business for something with real heart?
  • To move to a new location?
  • To live very differently to how you do now…how? How would that look?

And if you’re not sure? Start with the feelings you want present in your body every day.

Losing your motivation is one of the best things to happen to you this year, because it’s bringing in what is important to you.

It’s bringing in the sweetness you’ve been longing for. 

What sweetness are you being drawn to right now?  Tell me in the comments below, I’d so love to hear.

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  • Suzy says:

    I find that the world is generally slow this time of year. Gradually, the pace picks up and then snowballs through the year and people have the most amount of energy and drive by December. I find January quite depressing but still have drive, although find that some others don’t so it’s hard trying to motivate them! Maybe we should just all take January off?! Thanks for article – really made me think x

    • marinaj says:

      Pleasure Suzy, I agree with you although I do feel that the beginning of this year has been quite different for a lot of people, than the usual Januarys. Sounds like your drive is moving you through all of this, here’s to a fabulous year! xx

  • JesiMeci says:

    I really needed to read this. I needed some insight on how I feel so diferent. Its not exacly a bad thing because I do feel that I want to spend more time with my immediate family. I guess I didnt realize how much my business was taking from my time. I guess I’m not good in balancing both. What I have also noticed is I miss my family, old friends and the city I grew up in. I havent seen alot of my family (cousins & ants & uncles) and I kinda miss them altthough we are not really close…. I miss at least knowing about their life and that everyone is ok.

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