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Are you staying with him because of his…potential?

By September 25, 2014December 3rd, 2018No Comments

Ahhh….yes – now we come to that 2nd elusive guy most of us have encountered at one time or another – in fact you may be with this kind of guy now – and he also has a whole lot to each us women about the relationship we have with ourselves. 

His name is P.G and some of you cutely guessed last month who this was… “Pot of Gold?”  “Pi.G” and even “Poor Git?” Ha! Ha! You do make me laugh!

Instead I give you Numero Duo – Potential Guy.

Who is potential guy? P.G is that guy that you stay with because he has so much potential. It’s practically oozing out of his pores as he walks down that street…you find yourself fantasising about your future together.  You doodle your new name Mrs. Potential…Mrs Potential all over that envelope as you’re chatting on the phone. I mean this guy has it all –everyone thinks so…BUT

The thing is, P.G never seems to live up so his potential for very long.

You’re left feeling disappointed that he doesn’t think of you more often, or take your feelings into consideration for very long.  He doesn’t spend much time with you or listen to you, so how do you genuinely feel after a conversation with this guy? This is usually key – you think you should feel lovely after it, after all its him…but instead he’s d-r-a-i-n-e-d you.  You put the phone down, boy you are tired all of a sudden.

He doesn’t respect your:

  • Time (he often changes your agreements to suit him last minute)
  • Real needs (he gives you what he thinks you need – space, useless presents and lots of sex when actually you want togetherness, thoughtful presents and meaningful sex.
  • Conversation together! You’re always both talking and focusing on him!
  • Life.  He always has some drama that takes over.

In short P.G is just that. He never reaches it.

And you’re left feeling:

  • Resentful – what about me? You want to yell – but in this relationship see, that’s just you being selfish.
  • Like you’re the crazy woman because you want him more than he wants you.
  • Scared all the time that he’s going to leave you.

So what do you do?

You worship the ground he walks on!

I’m sorry – what??

Not because he’s earned it! But because this man has soooo much to teach you! And if you stop and really look…he’s giving you these gifts right now:

  • The gift of self respect – won’t you take it back from him?
  • Your light – won’t you reclaim your light that you’ve given him?
  • Your star quality – darling you’re the STAR of this relationship – keep him on that pedestal if you must but go ahead and jump up on yours too.

…Because this relationship with him can only work if you place yourself fairly and squarely as the Goddess of this relationship and that begins with thanking him for highlighting how much you were willing to give away for potential that as yet…has never been realised. 

You’re BETTER than this! Stop giving yourself away and start making yourself the STAR of your own life. And stop waiting for him!

How to begin? Make a mental or written list right now of how you’re going to love yourself exactly as you desire – of how you’re going to support your heart and how you’re going to make sure your needs are met – especially the little ones.  Realise your own potential to love yourself today and for the rest of your life.

In short – make yourself important in this relationship.

Ask him for what you want and pick him up on it if you don’t get it.

Plan fun for yourself – don’t wait for him to come on board, much better for him to come sniffing around feeling he’s missed something than you waiting, waiting, waiting…

And then?

You can teach him how to treat you and then you’ll see if this guy has real potential

Tis the only way.

Leave a comment in the box below and tell me how long did you invest in your potential guy? Did it work out?

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