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HappinessSelf Doubt + Self Sabotage

Read this to feel Delicious!

By November 30, 2011December 3rd, 2018No Comments

As you know, too much doing will kill any good woman’s spirit!

The more you do, the more you MUST allow yourself to just “be.”

Otherwise your head and shoulders will feel tight and you’ll feel only as good as the next thing you complete and there is no freedom in that. There is no delicious life to be had here, just dryness.

So check in with yourself right now and notice when you next take a breath, is your breath filling up your belly or chest right now?  When you’ve been doing too much or thinking too much you might find that you are more likely to shallow breathe – so it only reaches your chest.  With shallow breathing you and I lose our centre and the peace from breathing deeply especially when it get’s crazy!

Read this to yourself to feel delicious again:

I am not what is happening to me right now.  I am not my bank account, I am not how he is treating me, I am not the success of that project, I am not that thing I am worried about, I am not that thing I haven’t got round to yet, I am not my skin or size of my belly today as I look down at it.

I am not the success or failure of my life.
How could I be?

I am exquisite me.  I am not any of that. I take the power I have been giving to that situation and come back into my own loving energy field. It always feels good to be me.  I take a deep breath now into my belly (hold it in for a beat) and I breathe out fully from my mouth. (Do this x 2 more times now as you read the rest)

I have all the delectable power at my fingertips to be happy NOW.  I am unlimited now and forever.  I am free.  The only person who can make me feel anything is me.

Therefore today is a fabulous day how lucky am I?
I choose to shine my light by smiling right now – (with teeth!)

Am I gorgeous?  YES!  Am I uniquely talented?  YES! Am I just tremendous?  YES! YES! YES!

Am I bigger than any problem or situation?

YES! Always.

Hug yourself now gorgeous one you deserve to feel delicious.

And what could you say to another woman to make her feel delicious?  Pop it in the comments below!

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