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Strutting your Stuff!

By November 14, 2010December 3rd, 2018No Comments

I was walking behind a sexy woman the other day.  I noticed her because she kept pulling her dress down.  She’d walk 5 paces and then would reach down to the hemline and pull-it-down.

She had long glossy dark hair all the way to her waist, shiny black heels and a black clingy dress that was cut beautifully.  It wasn’t too short at all, it was perfect.

And yet, she did not own her beauty.  She did not own her sexiness.  She did not walk with her head held up high. The air around her was apologetic sorry I am too sexy she seemed to say with each step.  So she shuffled up the hill.  Meanwhile I was strutting my stuff behind her in a glitter skirt WHOOSH! And whilst I was not as glamorously made up as her having just jumped off the ferry with slightly wild, windswept hair; I took up S-P-A-C-E and enjoyed myself as I sashayed up the hill.

As I passed her I had a deep urge to whisper in her ear – Own it, Strut Your Stuff! – but I didn’t.

The moment had passed.

I want you to own your sexiness and to strut your stuff! It’s the stuff your life force is made of. If there is a gap of where you are at today, between you and your OOMPH!..

Then…YOU!…Need a Strut Rescue:

  • Strutting your stuff has nothing to do with how you are dressed or whether you are feeling happy or not.  So drop that right now!
  • Strutting your stuff is giving yourself permission to stop doubting.
  • Are you strutting your stuff at work – or in your own business like the outrageously talented woman you are?
  • Are you strutting your stuff in your yoga class, not worrying how your pose looks, just enjoying the exuberance?
  • Are you strutting your stuff in your relationship – proud of your magnificence, celebrating your flaws, enjoying a wild love affair with all of you?  Teaching all around you how to treat you? (Like the goddess you know you are?)
  • Or are you embarrassed to walk out there in your power because then you’ll have everyone’s attention?

I’ll tell you this – the world needs women like you to own your magnificence because then everyone wins.  If you are showing up small in your life, nobody gets to delight in your presence, including you.

Wanna feel free?

Strut your stuff for YOU and YOU only – own your special brand of beauty.  Go look in a mirror right now, and say to yourself “I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful” three times and then blow yourself a kiss! Feel what it does for you & your life force.

If you feel something today then allow yourself to fully feel it. Don’t doubt your feeling, when you are  angry feel angry, if you feel unsure then feel unsure – no apologies. Trust yourself.

If you happen to be dressed like a siren today, own it!  Don’t undermine yourself!  Doubt is one of the biggest killers of having a good time in your day.
What would it take for you to love all of yourself, flaws and all today?  Because when you can love them all, the good, the bad and the ugly,  you’ll feel safe to strut your stuff in business, down the street, at home.   See strutting your stuff means being seen and when we worry “they” might see something that isn’t good enough, everyone loses.

So repeat after me out loud and to yourself any time you feel small: It’s safe for me to take up space and fill it with my glitter, dammit!

And you know the only person that can give you that permission to strut your stuff and have a great day?

You! Sexy, Gorgeous You – Own it!

Are you going to strut your stuff today?  Tell me in the comments below!

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