The Pleasure Reset Masterclasses



Here are the 3 potent pleasure masterclasses to THRIVE again after narcissistic abuse and difficult relationships.

We’re going to have you receiving easier, receiving way more pleasure and powerfully transforming yourself.

This is how you begin thriving after narcissistic abuse, whether it was last year or 50 years ago.

Because for someone like you where it’s always been about them? Now it’s got to be about YOU!


Day 1: Reset Your Receiving

When you’ve been through narcissistic abuse, you begin to shy away from life because of fear of attack, judgement, gaslighting, abuse… so we begin our journey with gentle, nourishing ways to receive the goodness in life again in a community that support, love, care, and holds us as whole and perfect.

Day 2: Reset Your Orgasmic Potential 

The pleasure centres in our mind and body get skewed in narcissistic abuse and you shut down from receiving the bliss that’s available to you, relying heavily on your mental capabilities and logic rather than your deep feminine intuition guidance system that is felt in your body and heart… so on day two on our path back to pleasure we will return to our bodies, embodying the bliss that is waiting for us there.

Day 3: Reset Your Subconscious

We tend to abandon ourselves in narcissistic relationships and give our power away to the abuser because it’s the safest thing to do to avoid confrontation, attack, and well, more abuse… so on day three we will begin the journey of reclaiming our sovereignty and coming back home to ourselves, with all of us, not just the pieces we managed to save.