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Higher Self Meditation + Release the Narc Template® Class

The Higher Self meditation will strengthen your internal guidance, intuition and help you to embody more of your Higher Self into your body. It’s the meditation I did every morning for 3 years and really helped me to open up the channel between myself and my higher self.  (When I use the word Creator, please hear the word that you use; Goddess, God, Source, The Spirit of All That Is, The Universe and so on. Please know that this work is independent of any organised religion, it is purely for you to connect to your higher self to receive your own guidance.)

The Release The Narcissistic Template® and Receive class; how can you make it easier to receive in business and in life? Here are the first 3 steps to releasing the Narcissistic Template® so you do receive the money, support, love and success that is your BIRTHRIGHT! xx

As always, you are responsible for yourself and the results you get. If at any time you need more support than this information can give you, please take personal responsibility by stepping away from the information and book yourself in for a 1:1 session with the right practitioner for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the work that I do, you can click here.

You are also invited to join me in my Release The Narc Template® and Rise Facebook Group here for free classes, support and glitter bombs of inspiration so you RISE!