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Beautiful Soul!


Here are the 3 Masterclasses to THRIVE again after narcissistic abuse and difficult relationships.

We’re going to have you healing and expanding into your most powerful, brilliant and magnetic self!

This is how you begin thriving after narcissistic abuse, whether it was last year or 50 years ago.

Because for someone like you where it’s always been about them? Now it’s got to be about YOU!


Day 1: Release

We begin with conscious Shadow Alchemy and Activations to call your power back in and release what’s in your way of expanding! This is a very powerful session for you to begin releasing where you feel stuck and particularly if a situation feels immovable. It’s impossible for you to expand if you are believing deep down that,  “Whatever I do, it doesn’t work,” “I can’t imagine it being easy,” “I’m not good enough, ” “It’s never going to happen for me,” “I’m unlucky.” Learn how to take your power back and begin releasing yourself so you are free to create the new! Join my FB group here.

Day 2: Heal + Expand

Heal and Expand into the NEW! You’re going to expand into the light by integrating more of your shadow. Give yourself the big breakthrough you need to transform a situation back into your power and peace. Become your own powerful alchemist and understand how to dissolve any situation back into it’s highest timeline.  This masterclass will show you how to heal from challenges and toxic relationships and initiations using Shadow Alchemy. In this masterclass you will learn how to find the gold in the current situation you’re in, without spiritually bypassing the truth so your delicious expansion begins!

Day 3: Expand!

Expand into the light and into the powerful, brilliant and magnetic woman that you are! In this masterclass we are no longer going to project our light, or luck, or our beauty or our success onto another person and say – you are that, but I am not. Who are you not to be powerful, brilliant, magnetic, successful and lucky? You are everything you admire in other people! But you have to own it or it will own you!  In this LIT UP masterclass we use subconscious Shadow Alchemy to reclaim your light! Expand into who you truly are and into your destiny. Get energised and really gain momentum for the rest of the year! Ask me about Flourish here.