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BONUS #1: Release Your Old Story + Begin Your New Story of Success Masterclass Subconsciously release your old story and begin your new story of success. This works every time, giving myself and my clients real traction, real money and real support to make that quantum leap, NOW. It’s the perfect pre-course start!

BONUS #2: Manifesting Meditation Tutorial and Subconscious Script Subconsciously infuse yourself with powerful manifestations so that by day 3-5, new opportunities, more money and more support will show up for you. This is how you turn your power ON. You can access the Subconscious Script here.

BONUS #3: Why Does This Keep Happening? Shadow Alchemy Process. Use this subconscious process to break yourself out of a situation that keeps showing up, once and for all. If you’re going through the same limiting loop around money, support or success, your health, your relationships, really anything; you can use this process as many times as you like to transform every area of your life.