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The Receiving Retreat

Enjoy! Love, Marina x

Are you in my FB group to embody receiving? We release the effects of Narcissistic Abuse which I call The Narcissistic Template® and replace it with the Goddess Template® to receive easily. You can join us here.

I have a couple of courses below to truly open you up to creating and receiving like the Goddess you are! You’ll get immediate access once you join.

The first is my CREATRIX Course: You are the Creator! And you get to have everything you want! But you have to do it your way or it won’t work. What is your way? Do you even know? If you’re better at helping other people get there, but you haven’t honed your own way of being the full-on CREATRIX of your own life… this course is going to activate YOUR MAGNETIC way of creating success, give you the deep space to connect to your soul and give you the container to birth your next creation/EVOLUTION!

The second is my Goddess Template® Course:This is an 8-Week Course to Deeply Embody Your Feminine Power. Receiving. Relationships. Your Magic. The Goddess Template® Course is for you to reclaim your feminine power to receive easily, your sensuality and your glow. Fall in love with yourself, your body and life. Discover how to create a love affair for life too – OO!