The 8-Week Release The Narcissistic Template® Container to normalise receiving love, support and abundance after Narcissistic Abuse. 


When you’ve had narcissistic abuse or had a pattern of one-sided relationships where it was all about them but not about you, it forms a template around you that you take into adult life:

It becomes normal for you to give out but not get back, in your friendships, in your business and with your partner. 

You get used to accepting crumbs. You get used to doing your side of the relationship but they don’t do theirs. You get used to helping them but they don’t help you.

Your business takes more than it gives to you. So your life doesn’t grow and your business doesn’t grow in line with your talent and just how much light you are giving out to the world.(Because I know it is a lot!)

We know we have The Narcissistic Template® wrapped around our business and relationships anywhere we’re giving but not receiving, love, support and abundance. 

Are you ready to Release The Narcissistic Template® so you no longer run the 80/20 rule, where you give 80% but still only receive 20% back from your relationships and from life?


Because, this Container is for the woman who:

Wants to make it safe for herself to receive real love.
Is ready to be seen, heard, loved and celebrated in relationships and in business.
Wants a business that nourishes her right back!

In this Container we’re going to normalise receiving 2 x the support and 2 x love and 2 x the success you are currently having, without an extra 2 hours a day of healing, meditating, or adding a whole bunch of work to your plate.

We are going to be applying The Goddess Template® to your life so you live as the Goddess intended: Powerfully, successfully and abundantly.

Yes we’re going to get into your feminine energy too and magnetically expand it so it’s normal for you to receive twice as much as you are right now. 

We’re going to be living at the vibrational alignment we always knew we should be at. We’re going to have you receiving with ease.

Imagine being able to…

Receive twice as much – simply because you’re YOU. 
Normalise receiving 2 x love, 2 x support, 2 x success so you receive easily from your business and life!
Receive in relationships, so you are not just the supporter, you are the supported. 
Release that pattern of over-giving and under-receiving... and also
Feel safe enough to consistently receive hugely without old trauma making you contract and sabotage it. 
Reset your relationships so you’re no longer the rescuer, over-doer and fixer. 
Be seen, heard, loved, nourished, ‘added to’ and celebrated in reciprocal relationships! 
Make it safe for yourself to receive real love and real care.
Serve without sacrifice. 
Have guilt-free boundaries with anyone in your circle. 
Have energetic boundaries so you can be with people without absorbing their feelings and moods so you manifest magnetically and keep your light! 
Recognise the red flags of narcissistic abuse so you don’t repeat the same lessons again. Now you attract people who make you truly happy. 
Release cognitive dissonance, trust your inner guidance system. 
Recognise the patterns of self-abuse where you abandon yourself and people please. Honour yourself in relationships. 
Act from your sovereign Goddess power instead of your wounded self. 
Know what to do when stuff comes up in relationships so you make the right decisions, and stay in your power without betraying your deepest needs. 
Feel emotionally safe in relationships and in your body so your nervous system can relax and rejuvenate. You show up well-rested and in your power in every interaction and you are GLOWING Goddess.

You’ll know exactly how to double your ability to receive with ease.


This is not about you doing more… this is about you receiving more. …regardless of what is going on in the world.

It takes just 10 minutes a day to activate and magnetise receiving so you become “it.” Your new level of receiving that will grow and grow becomes the real growth in your personal and business life.

This course is a powerful springboard for you to live like a Goddess after Narcissistic Abuse/one-sided relationships and create a life you are excited about!

This is very specific training that you will not get anywhere else. What I’m offering isn’t out there, because I created it.

It’s my life’s work to get you, the real light leader, leading from the top, where you belong. Together we’re going to release The Narcissistic Template® from anywhere it’s showing up in your life and replace it with The Goddess Template® so that you LIVE like the Goddess you ARE!

And this is key to your success. 

We will do this without needing to spend hours healing your inner child and relentlessly rehashing old trauma, making you into another project/problem to fix. NO. You’re already exhausted from not receiving and you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself.

It’s your time now… And I can’t wait to help you create the life you know is possible for you.

You’ll get into a receiving vibration (not just a giving one.) And we will use our Narcissistic Template® Method so that you let go of subconscious patterns, feel light and energised.

You will say “bye bye” to what is subconsciously holding you back… and hello to treating yourself like a Goddess (instead of treating yourself like the narcissist used to, so you stop draining yourself) and allow yourself to receive, hold and grow love, support and abundance.  

In a few weeks, YOU will have activated and normalised a higher level of receiving for yourself and be able to maintain it. And you’ll be set up to easily increase your ability to receive more love, support and success again, anytime you want… Woohoo!

But what I’m MOST excited about is where we use Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissistic Template® Method. This will get to the root cause of these blocks so that you have the certainty and faith in your path ahead.


  Shadow Alchemy PLUS The Narcissistic Template® Method is the real “secret elixir” behind my clients’ success.


Imagine having an easy, predictable way of gaining traction, real relationships, visibility, and success, any time you choose.

To call in your next big level of expansion WITHOUT self-sabotage or becoming disappointed by the outside world, again. That’s what we’re up to in The 8-Week Container.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of generic programs out there…

Where you are working through a curriculum along with hundreds and hundreds of other people, for over 6 months to a year, focusing on business, mindset or healing, but not actually releasing The Narcissistic Template® from your business and relationships so nothing really changes…

Your issue has never been about doing more, it’s been about receiving more. And how to do that when you’ve had narcissistic abuse/a lot of one-sided relationships in your life.

In these generic programs, you are paying £10k to £20k for the opportunity to see if that coach’s approach will cover what you need.

I’ve doubled mine and my clients support, income and success by using my release and receive formula.

I’ve coached women for 20 years and this 8-Week Container contains my most transformative processes, activations and glittery wisdom bombs that I’ve honed and simplified and potentised (is that a word? I love it too much – gonna keep it in!) to make it easy for you to step into the new era of YOU!

Love notes

I’ve since manifested a couple of higher paying clients…

“In working with Marina and her insights, I cranked up the engine and lifted off the constraints. I’ve since manifested a couple of higher paying clients who I’m thrilled to team up with, and invitations to be part of a couple of magnificent ventures with loads of potential and getting to play with kindred spirit colleagues in the process.

If your well is running dry however that looks in your world, you would do well to examine what Marina has developed for overcoming the Narc Template in all facets of your life and work. It’s truly transformative work if you embrace what she’s sharing and put it into practice for yourself.”



Releasing the Narc Template is priceless…

“The information found in this course heals many deep traumas, wounds and releases programs of self sabotage and unworthiness.

Releasing the Narc Template is priceless.”


My student roster is full…

“Marina’s Course has helped connect me with my inner fire and HIGHER/TRUE SELF again for the first time on a long time. I was shut down in many ways & this course helped to crack open the door. My boundaries with myself are way better now and I’m being much more consistent with them. I’m also aware of when I’m in the Narc Template and how it keeps me from receiving. I’m now desiring things more cleanly and my receiving has increased particularly in the area of support.

I have more volunteers and student teachers at my school and my student roster is full.

What I’m doing differently now is that I’m putting my needs first for the first time in my life and I’m constantly checking in with myself to see what I need. I am also saying no to

Narc behaviors and people…no to rescuing and feeling responsible for people and no to toxic behaviors. I enjoyed the entire course…Marina is empowerment personified! I loved the format, the different focus each week, the healing sessions, the opportunity to heard and seen, the community. It was a truly beautiful experience.”


 Our Desire 

To Release The Narcissistic Template® from your relationships and life so you receive 2 x love, 2 x support and 2 x success easily. Most people who take action on what I layout can expect to receive much more easily in 8 weeks or less.

more Love notes

“I finished the 8-week experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Marina gives so much of her personal attention to EACH person. Even in a group program, Marina gives individualized attention, provides intuitive and insightful comments, and leads every step of the way. I see many changes in myself during to working with Marina for the past 2 months:
I am more confident, I didn’t even know that I had subtle pessimism or depression, but I have let go of some really unnecessary thoughts & energies, I am taking action in my business and life daily, I have a way higher self-esteem and self-love, and I made some tough choices in my business that were not honoring myself and actually started putting myself and my needs first, so that I feel supported in my business.
As a healer and an intuitive coach myself, I really honor and admire what Marina shares with her clients.”


some more Love Notes!

Marina has made the biggest change in my business, my mindset and business has totally shifted since working with her.

I always knew my work was powerful and transformational but somehow I still had those old stories of not being good enough, the imposter syndrome, that bullshit mindset that held me back.

Working with Marina has helped me step into my full power. This power has enabled me to take inspired action and call in bigger amounts of money.

During my time working with Marina I’ve had online 5 figure launches, booked out clients and created multiple programs and courses directly as a result of the work I’ve done with her.

She helped me step into my confidence, clear my money blocks, clear the traumas and unhealed parts that were holding me back from stepping into full alignment to be the best version of me I could be and thrive in my business.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am right now without her help. Every session continues to blow me away and take me to the next level in my business. I can’t recommend Marina enough and am SO grateful to the life changing work she does.


I have to say that she is genuinely the BEST Integrative Life Coach I have ever worked with…

“I have been working with Marina this year and gained SO MUCH from the experience. If you know me personally then you are very aware that I am a life-long learner and adore incorporating new ways of thinking and being.

Marina J is a powerhouse of knowledge, clarity, wisdom and support who is totally real in her delivery and offerings. I have to say that she is genuinely the BEST Integrative Life Coach I have ever worked with (and this is massive, in a world inundated with coaches, healers, teachers etc. where it isn’t easy to know who is the real deal!)

Through asking the questions and really considering my energetic boundaries I feel so much lighter and freer and not weighed down by the energies and emotions others around me are going through. For the first time I think I am learning how to truly be in each moment and the importance of how to truly love myself in a new and profound way.”


The work Marina does is genuine, authentic, and powerful!!

I love working with Marina she is such a beautiful and inspiring soul. The work she does is truly authentic and that makes it that much more powerful. At the time I joined, I was feeling so disconnected from myself and what I really wanted and needed. I am very grateful for Marina and the work she does and I have had huge shifts since joining her course.

The Igniter course assisted me in seeing how my childhood experiences of being surrounded by narcs my entire life meant I had adopted survival skills related to over giving.

I carried this with me into all my relationships and it was draining my energy and life force filling everyone else up but neglecting my self and my own needs.

I have learned to love my feminine sensual self and truly connect with her needs, wants, and desires. I have been able to truly hear myself and my guides more clearly since clearing away all the distractions of everyone’s wants and needs. I was finally able to ask for support and get it in the most loving and beautiful way and receive it. There has been so many beautiful and powerful shifts from taking this course. I can’t express the amount of love and gratitude I have… Thank you Marina!

If you are ready to have massively beautiful shifts take her course!! The work Marina does is genuine, authentic, and powerful!!


Doing Marina’s course is one of the best investments I’ve made…

“I’ve waved goodbye to underpaid work. I will no longer undervalue myself, my work, my energy therefore potentially jeopardising my health and wellness – no thanks to that! I’m in the process of realigning my business so I can work in a more integrated way – I was blocking my own flow of money, as an empath / light worker and healer, I was so used to giving so much of myself away to others and being left exhausted and lately really ill.

To me, creating more money meant giving more of my time and energy up, which I felt I just didn’t have leaving me feeling overwhelmed, alone & stuck, now I know this isn’t the case. I have released myself and my business from the Narc Template. I completely feel the universe has my back. Money has arrived in unexpected areas.

My intuition, seeing and feeling has increased. I feel more sensitised and pleasured. I am relocating to a new area in a beautiful apartment that I manifested as I started the course. I’ve waved goodbye to the unnecessary glasses of wine, as a way to wind down, release and give myself a pat on the back. I don’t need to do that anymore.

I feel stronger in my boundaries, putting myself and my self care first as my diary gets busier with collaborations and work which I’m finding so much more joy in.

I wished to manifest more travel. I’m writing this from Glastonbury and in a few weeks I fly to Turkey for a week with friends before I move. I feel more adventures world wide coming for sure. My kids are happy and excited for the relocation.  I’m happy, grounded, full of hope, I’ve even given up my daily cup of coffee cos I literally just don’t need it !

If you’re unsure in whether to do this, from me to you … DO IT Dive in. You will never look back Marina’s the real fucking deal.”


get immediate access!


Release The Narcissistic Template® Container so you receive love, support and abundance, easily. 

You get: 

Immediate access to 8 x 90min Narcissistic Template® modules so you can start right away
4 x 120min LIVE Integration Classes including hot seat coaching
2 x 60 min LIVE SPLURGE Classes to release emotion and turn your magnetism ON
Access to the private Facebook group to have your questions deliciously answered so you keep moving forward with that fire, get cheered on, and basically feel fucking fantastic.
Optional: VIP Private Session with me
You’ll receive 8 weeks exclusive access to The Flourish Collective LIVE calls and 12 weeks access to The Narcissistic Template® Modules: (We give you an extra month to integrate all that you have learned.) If you would like to continue having access to The Narcissistic Template® modules and LIVE group sessions with me, you are welcome to upgrade after the 8 week mark to become a member of The Flourish Collective. You will receive the extra 4 weeks regardless. x

What are You Going to Receive?

What Do you Get in Each Module?

Module 1: Power

Recognise where you’re giving 80% and only receiving 20% back in interactions. Reclaim your power. The Shadow Alchemy and Narcissistic and Goddess Template® Method. Apply The Goddess Template® and put the power back in your hands in any situation.

Module 2: Receiving

Your problem isn’t that you can’t receive, it is that what you’ve received WAS abuse – so why would you? Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissist and Goddess Template® Method and Coaching to re-align you to what receiving is, so you are safe to receive hugely without contracting and sabotaging yourself.

Module 3: Manifesting and Money

When you’ve been in survival mode for so long – you live in defence rather than in manifestation because you have no energy to. You’re a lone ranger, doing it on your own instead of collaborating. You do and give rather than have and receive. When you manifest you’re also normalising and assuming attack, backlash, people being hard work, “it” just won’t work out. You cannot manifest whilst in the Narcissistic Template®. Releasing of root causes and manifesting in your Manifesting Room. Alchemy. Uncovering your natural ability to manifest. Re-visit energetic boundaries. Vibrate out the Light Template. Visualising Desire Process.

Module 4: Goddess

Stop treating yourself like a narcissist, start treating yourself like a Goddess. Be in your power around narcissists or people you over-give to. Shadow Alchemy. Goddess Activations. Connect to your feminine power and live from this potent point! Practical exercises.

Module 5: Boundaries

Practical and particularly energetic boundaries are needed for sensitives who find themselves negatively impacted by other people. Boundaries are also needed when we have more empathy for someone else than for ourselves. Learn how to be in a room and witness people without absorbing their moods, energy, vibration so you do make the right decision for yourself and keep your vibration high. Activate practical boundaries so you are empowered to say NO without fearing the backlash. 8-Year-old-self Meditation. Boundary Coaching. Narcissistic and Goddess Template® Method.

Module 6: Reciprocal Relationships

Releasing what you’ve become used to (non-reciprocal relationships) and receiving reciprocal relationships who love, cherish and support you and see your worth and pay for it in business, who refer to you instead of emulating you, who want to invest in your business and see you win. Basic Business Narc Checklist, releasing Cognitive Dissonance in your Business. Shadow Alchemy and Coaching to dissolve the old imprints of your childhood that are making non- reciprocal relationships your norm.

Module 7: Self-Support

Back yourself for the first time. Stop fooling yourself. Release self-doubt, procrastination, fear, self-sabotage, release being the supporter and not the supported. Get into action for yourself. This is Action Week. Step into your power.

Module 8: Normalising

This is the most important pillar of all – it is where we normalise the shifts so we BECOME the light leader we are born to be, to make IMPACT now. Normalising 2 x the money, 2 x the support and 2 x the success. E.g. I normalise walking in emotional safety as my norm rather than bracing for attack. The Conscious and Subconscious Normalisation Process, activations, Shadow Alchemy.

Why did I almost quit being a life coach back in 2017?

I knew I was running the NARC Template in my business life when no matter how good I was, my clients lives grew, but my business didn’t. They were creating incredible lives, yet their expansion, oddly didn’t expand my business, it just didn’t trickle through. Like you, I’m a lightworker and like you I’m here to make big impact. So this doesn’t make sense. And then I realised something; what if I was applying what I’d learnt as a child to my business?

That it was normal to over-give and under-receive? That that template that I’d created as a child to stay safe was now snugly fit over my business? If I could just show up and give and do what I came here to do? Then I was safe. I could count on my clean energy going out – I just didn’t want any dirty energy coming back to me. So naturally, I began to block receiving. Which then set me up for a lifetime of:

1. Lone Wolf Syndrome: Supporting others but not being supported back. (It’s how I developed a curvature of the spine – Scoliosis – I will support you but not me.)

2. Non-reciprocal relationships: The 80/20 rule. I will give 80% in any interaction, and you only need to give 20% back and I will be happy with that. For years.

3. Narcs: Watching the false lights receive the support, recognition and money whilst the true lights like me and my coaching friends receive the opposite.

Just like narcissistic abuse when it’s all about them but never about you – running The Narcissistic Template® is exhausting. And it means you can’t do what you came here to do. No matter how much you give to your business, it’s a bottomless pit. Your business takes from you but does not give you the support, love and money you put into it. And this may have been going for decades. I almost gave up in December of 2017!

If you’ve tried so many things you are not alone -holaaaa! I’m right there with you AND I also know NOW how to get out of it. I’m seeing more lightworkers have this than any other group of people – simply because they’ve endured the most narcissistic abuse.

When I figured out what was happening and released what I began calling – “The Narcissistic Template” – my business GREW 5 times that year! I didn’t do anything else differently. I just switched on my ability to receive. In a super specific way that’s needed after narcissistic abuse! 

Got  Questions?

We’ve got answers…

Will this work for me? 

This works best if you’ve healed from narcissistic abuse in your own personal life or walked away from a lot of one-sided relationships and are ready to release it from your relationships adn your business. You run a business or have a life’s purpose where you are giving but not receiving. You may be an established coach, consultant, healer or mentor, a service-based provider; you may identify as a light worker, starseed, light leader or conscious leader who would love to learn how to receive more money, support and success to assist you in fulfilling your vision for this planet.

You are open to energetic or intuitive work or are familiar with working with your intuition. You will need to take aligned action on the synchronicities and opportunities that come your way, so that you can manifest your results at rapid speed. My #1 best-selling book, ‘Turn Yourself On’ would be a wonderful support for you during this course, though not essential. 

When you are committed and take action – life will change. Knowing how to get into the vibration of receiving and staying there? Is a gamechanger!

What is Shadow Alchemy?

Shadow Alchemy (Shadow Work) teaches you to fall in love with resistance, ego, blocks, fear, and self-sabotage so they have no power over you anymore. So, when something comes up? You know how to dissolve it and open up a new timeline for yourself, quickly. 

What is The Narcissistic Template® and Goddess Template® Method?

The Narcissistic and Goddess Template® Method uses your natural energy to heal deeply and manifest quickly through activations, embodiment of your feminine power and releasing anything that’s in your way… from past lives to beliefs, soul contracts and disempowering programs. We will use these modalities so you can become your highest timeline.

I already do a lot of self-healing. How is Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissistic Template® different?

Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissistic Template® give you access to profound healing and deep potent inner wisdom and manifestation. I have been teaching metaphysics, healing, meditation, and yoga for 25 years, and have never experienced anything like the deep shifts and manifestations I receive from Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissistic Template®.

Accessing Shadow Alchemy and The Narcissistic Template® allows you to use whatever is happening in your life, to receive downloads and guidance – it’s like a direct line to what you really need to know, without resistance or fear that may be in play otherwise… making you the greatest expression of your beautiful self.

What if I can’t connect to my feminine power or hear anything?

Don’t worry Goddess – I’ve got you! After 20 years of coaching women to transform, I have a 100% record on you coming home to yourself and hearing yourself deeply. You’re in a safe space and will feel very held and loved. If you think you’re ready, you’re ready. Even if you’re a bit scared!

I run a business, is this for me? 

Yes, it’s for business owners and leaders who KNOW they’re meant to be receiving at least twice as much!

I don’t run a business, is this for me? 

Yes gorgeous woman – if you know you are ready to become HER, the woman who receives everything she wants easily, this container is for you!

What is the time commitment?

Each recorded module is between 90 – 120mins long and rich in content to get you stepping into your receiving power. You can watch these when you like.

Each LIVE integration class is where I’ll be answering your specific questions – they are typically 120 mins long and run the first and third Wednesday of each month. So you get 4 LIVE Flourish Integration classes and 2 LIVE Splurge Classes. Splurge classes are for you to release your feelings so that your magnetic power can come rushing back in! They’re a lot of fun and life changing. You’ll have tools to use for the rest of your life. 

If you can’t make the LIVE classes, all classes are recorded with replays up the next day. On the replay you will receive the same energies and activations as the live class as energy never “goes” anywhere! 

What happens once I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know, private FB access, class schedule, and Zoom links. The FB group is optional, though I highly recommend it for support. I’ve had clients in the past create FB profiles just for the course and then close them again. 

You’ll get immediate access so you can begin right away!


Hi, I am Marina!

I coach women to flourish after narcissistic abuse, relationship difficulties and women who are ready to up-level fast.  I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

I’ve activated women who want to step into their innate power and transform the relationship they have with themselves and painful dynamics with others into receiving easily in relationships, in becoming the powerhouse they know they are and in having the kind of boundaries, high standards and expansion for themselves, that really turn them ON.

I’m the creator of The Narcissistic Template Method®. I’m the #1 best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 20 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, the Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book, podcast and free masterclasses in my FB group.