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To Become the Powerhouse you are Here to Be!

You KNOW you’re a powerhouse…

But how can you be that powerhouse if:

You don’t believe in yourself… fully?

You don’t trust yourself?

You’re sabotaging yourself?

You’re unwilling to step into your fabulousness?

You cannot move forward if your shadows are stopping you or slowing you down from creating the life you know is waiting for you.

I’m bringing together a select group of likeminded women, who are going to heal and expand into their wildest dreams of love, abundance and embodied bliss, in 8 weeks. 

Making their dreams happen, believing in their vision and feeling fabulous as they RISE, without self-sabotage, overwhelm and self-doubt. 

In The Shadow Alchemy Course we are going to be applying Healing Templates to the relationship you’re having with yourself, with others and with your dreams, so you live as the Goddess intended: Powerfully, successfully and abundantly.  

We’re going to be living at the vibrational alignment we always knew we should be at. 

We’re going to have you expanding with ease.

Imagine being able to… 

  • Free yourself from self-sabotage, self-doubt and anxiety.
  • Free yourself from the story you tell yourself as to why you can’t…? 
  • Release painful dynamics within yourself and your relationships… no matter how long they’ve been going on for, so you create a future you and your loved ones are excited about! 

… and also

  • Feel safe enough to consistently receive hugely without old trauma making you contract and sabotage it.
  • Know what to do when stuff comes up in relationships, so you make the right decisions, and stay in your power without betraying your deepest needs. 
  • Know how to heal what’s hurting you/stopping you from moving forward into your delicious fabulousness!
  • Know how to fall in love with your light and your dark shadows so they have no more power over you (like; I’m lovable, I’m not good enough.)
  • Know how to transform relationships into their highest or vibrate them out.
  • Learn how to trust yourself and your feelings to strengthen your own inner guidance system. 
  • Feel emotionally safe in relationships and in your body, so your nervous system can relax and rejuvenate. You show up well rested and in your power in every interaction… you are a GLOWING Goddess. 

You’ll know exactly how to heal anything that’s in your way to reach your highest timeline, any time you want.

This is not about you doing yet more healing (yawn)… this is about knowing how to heal completely so you no longer have to deal with the same exhausting patterns. So, you’re free to BE fabulous YOU! 

… You won’t leave this year with the same life lessons you entered with. 

You’ll have a set of healing processes that you can turn to anytime you need to heal what’s in your way of moving forward. You have lifetime access to this course.

The 8-Week Shadow Alchemy Course will give you the structure of how to release, heal, and expand into your dreams. And you can use it over and over again. With relationships and with yourself. 

And this is key to your success. 

We will do this without needing to spend hours relentlessly rehashing old trauma, making you into another project/problem to fix. NO. You’re already exhausted from the last two years and you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself. 

It’s your time now… 

And I can’t wait to help you to manifest whatever you desire, quickly and effortlessly in a few weeks…

If you are ready to become the powerhouse you are here to be, message us below saying you’d like an invitation to The 8-Week Shadow Alchemy Course, and we’ll take it from there. Speak soon!

Email Us Here For Your 8-Week Shadow Alchemy Invitation

I just have a couple of questions for you to help me make sure you can easily create your quantum leap during the course 🙂 I’ve popped them below – this just helps me to get to know where you are at and if we can help.

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Hi I’m Marina!

I’m the creator of The Narc and Goddess Template Method®, the best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 19 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

I’ve activated women who want to step into their innate power and transform the relationship they have with themselves and painful dynamics with others into receiving easily in relationships, in becoming the powerhouse they know they are and in having the kind of boundaries, high standards and expansion for themselves, that really turn them ON.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, The Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book and free masterclasses in my FB group.