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Everything a woman needs to empower herself, heal herself and LOVE herself.

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Come In, kick off your heels, You’re Home!

Everything you need to empower yourself, heal yourself and LOVE yourself.

With a live monthly coaching call I don’t do anywhere else, 90+ transformational videos and a private FB group for daily support.

Are you ready to peel off the layer of fear, self-doubt, self-judgment and self-sabotage that’s holding you back from being that powerful, vibrant and confident woman we both know you are?

Are you determined to get yourself BACK?

Are you sick of settling for a beige life?

Are you looking for a tribe that feels like home?

Would you like to subconsciously re-program your limiting beliefs and past pain so you become twice the woman you are?

Have you read all the self-help books – and are ready to step into your power and become that inspiring force of nature, you know you are?

Do you want to turn your self-love ON, your light ON and your ability to heal ON – but this time for real? I mean instead of reading it – actually do it? And LIVE it?

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You’re invited to Goddess, You’re Home.

Ever had a crappy day?! Here’s one of the 90+ videos that will help you:

Everything is in one place for you to:

 Re-align yourself back to your powerful, infinite self = Goddess Self

So you hear your inner voice loudly and follow it, so you trust your feelings, trust your intuition, follow your desires, make your needs important and treat yourself like a Goddess.

This is

Your Home

to become the


you were born to be.

Receive private access to an all new exclusive membership site and members library of trainings, masterclasses, meditations, techniques, monthly live coaching calls. PLUS access to our exclusive private Facebook group for Glitter Bombs of Happiness, love and sisterhood.

A glance at some of the rooms I’ve created for you!

I decided to make things easy for you.

I wanted you to have a place you can go to any time of night or day to get your answers, to free yourself, to inspire yourself and support yourself so you can navigate your own life beautifully.

And I didn’t want it to cost the earth.

So I’ve come up with a rather delicious solution:
A home with everything I do in one place so you get high level techniques, tools and coaching 24/7.

You see…
Something happens to women when we find ourselves on our own without a feminine cheering squad, the glittery know-how of self-healing and 24/7 inspiration to LOVE our whole self… We feel flat and don’t have as much energy to go for our dreams.  We are not meant to do life on our own.  We are stronger together. (This took me years to realise.)

And Goddess? 
A husband and children,  doing your dream job, or whatever GOOD thing you’ve got going on… Can suck the living daylights out of you, no matter how much you love it or them if you don’t replenish yourself regularly.

I call it Dry-Out and it makes it harder to manifest your dreams when you’re not supported at a deep level.

Are You in Dry-Out?

Dry-Out™ = Sucked dry by a part or all of your life.

(By the way, if I say he below, hear she if it applies to you.)

  1. Do you have trouble receiving? (Love, money, kindness… )
  2. Do you have un-resolved hurt from the past or present?
  3. Do you often put off asking for help and just do it on your own because it’s quicker?
  4. Are you frequently annoyed by him and have these sit-down chats, snap at him or stand up yelling matches? Either way, nothing changes, he still doesn’t listen.
  5. Do you worry about what people think of you?
  6. Does it feel like you’ve lost yourself? But you hide it so well, nobody really knows?
  7. Are you stuck in a pattern that’s holding you back?
  8. Do you feel the opposite of juicy right now? Instead you’re overwhelmed with all that there is to do and as the day wears on you become mechanical, tired and irritated? You crave chocolate, mindlessly scroll through social media; anything that distracts you from the next “big push.” Everything feels like a chore, you’re a bit numb if you’re honest and by 8pm you have nothing left to give…
  9. Do you feel guilty for feeling like you’re not a good enough mum / success / human / friend / wife / employee / boss / leader / fill in the blank?
  10. Does sex feel like another thing to do on your to do list?
  11. Do you put others first much more easily than yourself?

If you’ve felt at least one of these this week?
Goddess, you’re in Dry-Out™.

The Good News is you’re in exactly the right spot to begin shaking yourself free of it.

You can be the richest woman in town and have it or the poorest woman you know and have it.

It has nothing to do with what you have in life and everything to do with the relationship you’re having with yourself right now.

It’s a little term I’ve come up with to describe what happens to millions of us around the world – there’s no shame in it;

I go into Dry-out too which is why I created this home for us, so we can get back out there and FLY!

Each video in GYH has vibrational energy in it for you to absorb so your vibration lifts quickly.

I help my members (GG’s) fall in love with themselves exactly as they are – so they walk TALL with unstoppable confidence.

They know how important it is for a woman to be seen, heard, desired and loved. They feel free to be themselves, set high standards, express themselves and know how to take themselves higher in vibration, happiness and pleasure. Why? Because your happiness is everything!

The only membership you need to live your fullest potential.

“Goddess, You’re Home has become a gorgeous place for me to enter and stay as long as I need to for whatever I’m needing that day, in that moment or to just give myself extra support and healing. Each room has been beautifully created to provide us women with what we NEED to be HAPPY and HEAL whatever is in our way. I also feel really lucky to be part of the FaceBook Group that Marina has put together along with the membership site as it’s become a place of safety, support and inspiration. You never feel alone and each Goddess lifts up one another to her highest point. It’s all about REAL healing, becoming the Goddess you were born to be and LOVE. Thank you for creating this space Marina, it is truly so special.”

– Amy-Leigh, Australia

“You deeply care, you see blocks, and assertively call clients on their issues/ games/ limiting beliefs. You blend awareness and excellent training with psychic perception to reach into the dark corners.”
– Ann, Los Angeles

“Goddess You’re Home has:

Taught me So Much!  WOW!

How to Be a Better Version of Myself and A Better Human Being
I Find it a Real Joy Being Part of This Group
Lots of Confidence
Support Towards my Goals
Relationship Advice
All-round Advice
Given me Emotional Support
Changed my Mindset
Made me More Independent
Has Loyalty and Support from Marina and the Other Goddesses
Given me a High Sense of Worth
Made me Feel Validated
Made me Feel Appreciated
Made me Stronger Inside
How to Heal Myself from Within
Helps me Stay Aware and also Assertive with the Bullies I Encounter.  At least I do not feel so Alone and Now Have a Way to Process and Heal each time
It helps stop me procrastinating and makes me much more proactive to be creative regarding my musical journeyI Enjoy my Life Journey and Musical Journey with this Group cheering me on!  It is Helping me to Blossom and Become Who I am Meant to Be!”
– Rachel, England

My vision is for every woman to become the Goddess she was born to be and to provide a Home for her to do that.

This is for You to become the
Best Version of yourself.

Vibrant, powerful and in COLOUR.
It’s your time to move from being in Dry-out to being a *Goddess.

*Goddess = To have a Divine Relationship with Yourself.

And your time is NOW.

For over 15 years I’ve been coaching women to become who they really are. (I have the best job in the world!) I’ve taken the powerful techniques that I use to quickly transform my clients lives and compiled them here.

Here, in Goddess, You’re Home.

It’s your home, your online community, your support system, your divine sisterhood.

“I have been working with Marina J for a couple of months now as well as taking advantage of her online Goddess Your Home video series. After playing in the Goddess Rooms, I find her to be AMAZING!!! Her energy and ease with which she conducts these videos is so inspiring and natural. You always get the feeling that she is talking only to YOU. She’s speaks into the camera with sudden pauses asking for the viewer to participate and then chimes in as if the session were live! I leave these videos as refreshed as a live session and if that weren’t enough, she has PDF downloads for further self-care if one desires. Truly a wealth of information and guidance. Can’t thank you enough for helping me get to the next level and it’s just the beginning! 🙂 ”
-Kim, New York City

“I ignite when I’m around a group of women all rising. I too want somewhere that I can go any time to replenish myself, also say how crap I’m feeling and then get what I need so I bounce back quicker!”

So what can I offer you and who am I?

How did I get from soul shattered single mum to receiving my dream life and being in my fucking delicious power again?

I made a decision.

I decided to commit to myself, for the first time.

For me? That meant putting myself on a coaching program and certifying as a life coach. It helped enormously but didn’t get me wholeheartedly to my happiness.

So out of desperation really, I put myself on my own program.

At the time, I was doing a 4-hour round bus trip daily to get my daughter to day care and me to work.

My job paid minimum wage and I had a constant knot in my stomach: I didn’t sit down till 10pm at night.

I looked after my daughter 99% of the time and I was isolated. Each week some new drama (that was coming at me externally) shook my foundations which meant I had to stand up for myself and my daughter most weeks.

I was determined to create a life my daughter and I would LOVE.

So I made time every night, on my bed to heal myself.
And I began to get serious downloads from the universe on how to heal myself and RISE.

It didn’t happen overnight, but within 6 months my life turned around in a BIG way! My light turned back ON – baby I was BACK!

I Had what those around me didn’t: A system that took me out of my old life and into the new.

I was overcoming obstacles quicker and I was bouncing back quicker… I was happy and flourishing.

Pretty soon I had a little queue of people who wanted to work with me – people who had way more than me in material terms and heart terms.

And then… I met and married the love of my life who is the father my daughter never had.

I wrote a book about the exact steps I took then and now with my beloved clients, called Turn Yourself On (so you turn your power, light and happiness ON!) and it became a #1 best seller on Amazon in 3 hours, in the USA, UK and Australia.  I’m a life coach (aka Transformation Queen) and speaker, and have taught yoga for over 20 years.

I LOVE what I do!  From Goddess, You’re Home, to my 1:1 coaching and workshops!

As Seen In

So What Exactly


Goddess, You’re Home?

It’s your home to transform the relationship you have with yourself: Empower yourself, Heal yourself, LOVE yourself.

You Will Receive:

Monthly Coaching Class

During the live webinar I’ll share with you POWERFUL techniques, healing processes and my tools to heal your life including, Dry-out™, relationships, self-sabotage, old subconscious patterns; we’ll talk pleasure, self-love, receiving, stepping into your power, and The Marina Goddess Mindset to quickly re-align yourself back to your power, energy and high vibration. You’ll be able to ask me questions live + this class is always recorded in case you miss it.

The online Membership Library

In your new home there are 11 Rooms on the membership site; such as The Healing Room, The Pleasure Room, The Relationship Room and the Power Room (to make confident decisions.) Upon entering you have over 90 transformational videos and PDFs to support you throughout the day.

Private Community

Access to the Private Facebook group for daily support, giggles and to Lift Yourself UP! Plus keep yourself accountable + get homework support from myself + my team.


The content keeps growing, but to give you a little taste of what’s inside so far…

Are You Overgiving?
How to stop worrying about what people think of you.
Turn Your Power On This Month.
How To Move Forward After An Argument.
Free Yourself From Self-Sabotage.
Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?
Receiving Process.
Fall In Love With Your Body.
Empath healing; learning to read rather than absorb others energy
Are You Receiving Twice As Much As Him?
Fall In Love With Your Vulva.
Nervous About A Date?
Beauty Challenge.
You’re Bugging Me!
Manifesting Meditation.
Want A Great Day?
Self-Love Activation Ritual.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Get transformational coaching on
these powerful live calls
and ask me questions.

Recordings of these calls
sit in The Class Room
for easy
24/7 access.


Use these audios

+ videos to soothe your soul,

manifest, hear your inner voice

and get downloads from the Universe.

Classes & Training

Healing Processes
Subconscious Processes
Shadow Work
Coaching Tools + Techniques
Use over 90 audios + videos to create your life.

Downloadable Exercises

Transform your life

+ plug back into your

light with these exercises

on downloadable PDFs.

“She just gets IT! More laughter than tears. Marina is colour. She is a healer.
She is a matchmaker ME + ME = LOVE. Marina is a guide. Guiding you back to YOU, the YOU you lost, the YOU you gave away, the YOU you disregarded for someone else. The YOU you forgot to love.

She is a teacher, finally after years of searching I found the one, the person to teach me how to heal me!

No rehashing, unlike other therapists you are on treadmill of trauma and tears, trauma and tears until you are a broken shell. Then time is up, (you are sinking further) you leave feeling emotionally exhausted and drained with NO mechanisms or skills to manage your feelings. Marina skills you up.”
-Michelle, Australia

“I really have you and this group of absolutely amazing women to thank in Goddess, You’re Home. I’ve never felt this supported before and I’ve really noticed things shifting internally. My Mum said to me the other day that I look and sound better than I have in ages. Good to know the internal changes are showing on the outside too.”
– Fiona, Australia

Here’s an example of one of the 90+ videos. This is one on self-sabotage:

Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Each month members will get access to a LIVE group coaching call with me that I don’t do anywhere else.
  • All coaching call recordings will live inside GYH.

+ NEW content added in on a regular basis.

“Not only did I learn how to heal myself, but by leading by example I also learned about raising my standards. Good enough is no longer good enough!! I know I deserve greatness in this life. After my program with Marina it’s like she sits on my shoulder everywhere I go. She is the image of my own best friend and that best friend is me. If it’s not good enough for her, it’s not good enough for me. No cutting corners with my self love these days. When I give to me, the world follows. No one knows me better than I do now. I now know how to recognise when something isn’t right and how to identify exactly what I need to fix it AND grow from it.

Marina J is also the most amazing sounding board. No judgement. Her love is infinite. No matter what I’ve done, been or come from – she truly sees me as an infinite being of light and love and treats me that way. Purely by leading by example my life has honestly changed and will never be the same. It just can’t, that life doesn’t exist anymore. Never did I believe I could forgive, forget, move on and be soooo grateful from my past traumas. Never did I think I would ever say, I love my life, I am happy to be alive.
I owe that to Marina J.”
-Irene, Australia

“Thanking you for the great work we have done together, I’m the best version of me I’ve ever been. The hardships in my past relationships have made me stronger and wiser and with this I go forward to create my perfect relationship where I am well and truly setting the tone and it works. Your book has been so helpful for times I’ve needed reminding.

Thanks for reminding the goddesses in us that WE are enough just as we are, that dreams and fairy tales do come true if you dare to dream them up, which I did.
My sincere gratitude for your help over the years.”
-Michelle, Sydney

This is For You if you’re ready to set yourself free!

Do you want to treat yourself with the same love and respect you give to others?
Do you want to let go of relationships that aren’t serving you and raise your standards for yourself?
Do you want to deliciously manifest with ease?
Do you want to be free to ask for what you want without apology?
Do you want to receive as much as you give in relationships?
Do you want to block out the noise and HEAR your inner voice and have the confidence to follow it?
Do you want walk tall in your power, love yourself like a nutter and rise to the next level in your life?

What will joining this membership look like?

You’ll receive a 60 min coaching class via a webinar

Each month that you can watch on your phone or PC. You can ask me questions LIVE on the call (and it’s recorded in case you miss it.)

You’ll get exclusive access to the
Goddess, You’re Home online membership site.

In your new home there are 11 rooms from you to choose from. There’s The Relationship Room (for relationship problems) The Receiving Room (so you increase your ability to receive) The Power Room (to confidently make important decisions) and so on. There’s also The Class Room for the monthly coaching call recordings. In each room you’ll find videos of me talking directly to you to help you plus transformational PDFs. Access to this membership site is free when you join Goddess, You’re Home.

You’ll also become part of our private Facebook Group.

The women in this group are discovering how to love and accept and celebrate themselves and part of their learning is to love and accept you, just the way you are. This is where you share what’s happening in your life so you get support, and, bit by bit let this intimate group see who you are so they can love, accept and celebrate you too. Again, this is all part of the membership.

“Marina’s mix of fun, deep healing coaching sessions and razor sharp intuition skyrocketed me from my old life into my new very amazing life! I worked for it, I did everything she set me and I now I find myself here and I feel teary as I write this. I now live a life that excites me! I am no longer a single mum. (It’s not a bad thing, but you know… ) I met the love of my life during Marina’s coaching program, got my dream job and we live the life I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so happy! It’s the life that I always knew was possible for me and now I’m living it? I wake up with the hugest smile on my face. I’ve become the woman I always knew was bubbling away inside of me! Your coaching has impacted me like no other. Thank you for your honesty, love and wisdom.”
-Karina, Australia

“I just feel really, really PROUD of myself for ALLOWING myself the privilege of having Marina coach me into the GODDESS I now TRULY believe I am. Honestly, I feel so thrilled and excited inside – I feel reborn and completely transformed! I will keep saying it to everyone I know “Women need Women like Marina in their life” I have never known anyone like her before. Thank you Marina!”
-Ann, Queensland

“Marina J has wonderful and unique approach to our patterns of thinking and acting. She then helps you create a wonderful life in a way no other coach approaches it, but it works! No more antidepressants for me (had been on them for 20 years) until Marina J and I worked my way off them. You have a voice that leads into and draws right from my heart and soul.”
-Amanda, Australia

“What an incredibly inspiring and uplifting group to be part of in Goddess, You’re Home! As a busy woman juggling all of life’s hats, we can feel left at the bottom of the jar sometimes. Marina is my Happy Pill (!) and reminds us of our life force, power and inner love!” XXX

-Donna, Australia

**Goddess! This is a monthly membership site**
your payment gives you beautiful access to the monthly class where we’ll powerfully learn how to love ourselves, transform painful dynamics, hurt and emotional blocks, so you really enjoy this life! You’ll receive access to the membership site with supportive videos and transformational PDFs to keep you going throughout the month and the private Facebook group where you’ll receive support (including homework support) inspiration, giggles and accountability each week.

Goddess, You’re Home is where you transform the relationship you have with yourself using gorgeous coaching tools, ideas and techniques

So what do you get?

  • Powerful tools, ideas, techniques and life coaching to heal yourself with.
  • (Shadow Work + Subconscious Healing to transform painful dynamics, hurt and emotional blocks.)
  • Deep processes to turn your *self-love, body love, self-respect, relationship happiness and power ON.
  • REAL self-love. Loving the parts of you that you feel embarrassed and ashamed about.
  • Inspiration, energy and non-judgement.
  • Monthly support via the monthly call.
  • Weekly support via the private Facebook Group.
  • Daily support via the membership site.
  • A group of women to take you higher than you can alone.
  • A rise in your Goddess feminine energy and intuition.
  • Know how to turn your fabulous ON anytime you want.
  • A home to re-align, replenish and re-centre yourself any time you want, 24/7.

Your investment: £28 a month, and you can cancel anytime

Working with me is normally a 5 figure investment.

To recap for just £28 a month, you receive:

A LIVE coaching call with me that I don’t do anywhere else. We deal with self-sabotage, taking back your power, relationships, healing processes, receiving, pleasure and learn TMGM so you instantly re-align back to your powerful, infinite self.

An online Library with 90+ videos and transformational PDFs to transform any area of your life you’re needing. With 11 virtual rooms; such as, The Relationship Room for relationship issues. The Self-Love Room to fall in love with yourself just the way you are and The Healing Room for healing what’s in your way from your next level (think limiting beliefs, subconscious processes.)

Access to the Private Facebook group for daily support, giggles and to Lift Yourself UP! Plus keep yourself accountable + get homework support from myself + my team.

New content is added on a regular basis.

Goddess, You’re Home is where you transform the relationship you have with yourself using gorgeous coaching tools, ideas and techniques.

As soon as you sign up to become a member of Goddess, You’re Home, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail and a confirmation message with your personal login and password details. Login into your new home and immediately enter which ever room you most need! Know that I’ll be adding classes and meditations and PDFs for you to work through, answering your biggest questions in life so that you always have support by your side for whatever you’re going through.

Within 48hrs of sign up you’ll receive an invite to our private GYH Facebook Group.  Or you can find us and request to become a member. As long as you stay an active member, you’ll have access to our beautiful FB group and membership site.  That means everyone you see in our FB group is getting the same training that you are, which makes for a powerful concoction of  nourishment, motivation and inspiration to go higher than you can alone!

You’ll know if this speaks to you. xx
The time to be GOOD to yourself is NOW. I’d love for you to join us!

Investing in You

Choose to pay £28 each month or £300 for the year (save £36!) and find your way home.

This is a monthly membership site and your payment gives you beautiful access to:

  • The monthly class to powerfully transform.
  • The membership site with videos & resources.
  • The private Facebook group for support.

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