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the 6-week igniter

to Release the Narc Template® from your Business

Here’s the story…

I’m bringing together a select group of talented light leaders who are here to make an impact; Where they will normalise receiving their next level of money, support and success in 42 days.

Normalising 2 x the money, 2 x the support and 2 x the success they are currently having, without an extra 2 hours a day of healing, meditating, or adding a whole bunch of work to their plate.

In The 6-Week Igniter, we are going to be releasing the Narc Template® from your business and receiving the vibrational alignment we always knew we should be at. We’re going to have you receiving twice as much with ease.

Imagine being able to…

  • Allow more money in without doing more or being more than you are right now. You receive twice as much money because you’re YOU.
  • Have reciprocal relationships so you are not just the supporter, you are supported – so your business gains MORE referrals, ideal clients and success!
  • Feel safe enough to consistently receive hugely without old trauma making you contract and sabotage it.
  • Feel emotionally safe in relationships and in your body so your nervous system can relax and rejuvenate. You show up well rested and in your power in every interaction and you are a GLOWING beautiful light leader.

… and also

  • Know how to be in powerful creation instead of living life in defense.
  • Become fully supported by this planet so you do fulfil your soul’s destiny.
  • Serve without sacrifice. No more over-giving and under-receiving.
  • Attract the right people who easily invest in you and support you, so your business gains traction, visibility and rises.

You’ll know exactly how to double your ability to receive with ease and reach your highest timeline for your business, any time you want.

This is not about you doing more… this is about you receiving more.

 … regardless of what is going on in the world.

It takes just 10 minutes a day to activate and magnetise receiving so you become “it.” Your new level of receiving that will grow and grow becomes the real growth in your business.

The 6-Week Igniter Course will bring in the money, support and success you know you’re meant to have, because you’re now vibrating the Goddess Template out into the world instead of the Narc Template®.

And this is key to your success.

We will do this without needing to spend hours healing your inner child and relentlessly rehashing old trauma, making you into another project/problem to fix. NO. You’re already exhausted from not receiving and you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself.

It’s your time now…

And I can’t wait to help you to manifest whatever you desire, quickly and effortlessly in a few weeks…

You’ll get into a receiving vibration (not just a giving one.)

And we will use our Narc Template® Release and Receive Method so that you let go of subconscious patterns, feel light and energised.

… Like our client who used our unique method to triple her income and we didn’t even work on money.

… Or our client who backed herself and put her new work out into the world and doubled her monthly income within 6 weeks.

 … Or our client who vibrated OUT people who didn’t value her expertise, wanted her to invest her time and energy in them (for free), didn’t support her and emulated her offerings, instead of referring people to her.

She vibrated IN people who paid more than double for her expertise and were very aware of her time. People who were invested in her dreams, making interactions about her and what she needed (rather than all about them), which made her teary the first few times! They referred new clients and opportunities to her because they recognised the master in her.

You will say “bye bye” to what is subconsciously holding you back…

In a few weeks, YOU will have activated and normalised a higher level of receiving for yourself and be able to maintain it. And you’ll be set up to easily increase your ability to receive more money, support and success again, anytime you want… Woohoo!

All of the above in and of itself can EASILY bring you a return of doubling your income, support and success over time – when you use the activations, alchemy and normalising I’ll be sharing with you. 

But what I’m MOST excited about is where we use Shadow Alchemy and Theta Healing®! This will get to the root cause of these blocks so that you have the certainty and faith in your path ahead.

You will embody the frequency of the light leader, who magnetises the clients who easily pay for your high value with premium fees… And calls them in anytime they choose.

The Release and Receive Narc Template® Method PLUS Shadow Alchemy and Theta Healing® is the real “secret elixir” behind my clients’ success. 

Imagine having an easy predictable way of gaining traction, visibility, and success any time you choose.

To call in your next big level of expansion WITHOUT self-sabotage or becoming disappointed by the outside world, again.

That’s what we’re up to in The 6-Week Igniter.

*** Here’s How We start… (where / when / what you get) ***

We start 8th February 2022. Over the next 6 weeks:

I’ll give you everything you need to start releasing the Narc Template® from your money, support and success right now. Including immediate access to a Masterclass to subconsciously release your old story and begin your new story of success.

This works every time, giving myself and my clients real traction, real money and real support.

More importantly… it will allow YOU to create quantum leaps in your success. Woohoo! 😉

All the action will be going down in our Facebook Group.

We’ll get together on Zoom each Tuesday for a 2-hour Masterclass to release The Narc Template® from your business, whilst we normalise receiving twice as much. We’ll heal root causes and align you to your highest timeline of wealth, divinity and impact, working with Shadow Alchemy and Theta Healing®.

It’ll be live on-the-spot coaching.

I also do a lot of personal coaching on Facebook via short video recordings.

Our Desire?: To release the Narc Template® from your business as fast as possible, with an increase in sales, support and success over your previous month. Most people who take action on what I layout can expect to receive that in a month or less.

If you are ready to create quantum leaps in your business and make a bigger impact with your services, message us below saying you’d like an invitation to The 6-Week Igniter to Release The Narc Template® From Your Business, and we’ll take it from there. Speak soon!

Email Us Here For Your 6-Week Igniter Invitation

I just have a couple of questions for you to help me make sure you can easily create your quantum leap in your business during the program 🙂 I’ve popped them below – this just helps me to get to know where you are in business and if we can help.

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