GLOW DAY: A Day for you to Embody the Goddess that you ARE!

If you’ve been on the end of narcissistic relationships or one-sided relationships, chances are you still get caught in patterns where you treat yourself in that same way (more on this later.) It’s time to START treating yourself like the GODDESS you ARE!

This IS the most powerful antidote to Narcissistic Abuse to change the relationship with yourself first. GLOW DAY is FUN, it’s Fabulous and it’s you IN your FIERY and FEARLESS energy because YOU are HERE to DO GREAT THINGS!

Saturday July 27th I 2.00 PM – 6.45 PM I The Float Spa, Hove

You’re a Natural Born Leader and Change Maker

If you’re anything like myself and the women I serve you’ve probably had some form of Narcissistic Abuse at some point in your life. (Most natural born leaders have – you are here to do GREAT things!! We’ll dive into this on the day.)

When you’ve had narcissistic abuse or had a pattern of one-sided relationships where it was all about them but not about you, it forms a template around you that you take into adult life. This template dulls your bright flame.

And although you’re not at the beginning of your healing journey, you haven’t really healed. The patterns still repeat.

You might have physical freedom from that person, but do you have internal freedom? As in, is this person still informing your thoughts, feelings and actions so you can’t live your life fully in your power and feel free? 

These are the patterns that repeat:


  • Give 80% in most relationships and only receive 20% love and support back so you become a lone ranger doing the hardest parts of life on your own.
  • Are hyper-sensitive to how you’re perceived by other people and their judgements and hyper-alert to other people’s reactions, facial expressions and mood changes so you people please to stay safe.
  • Have weak boundaries so you say yes when you mean no, giving you relationships that drain you. 
  • Blame yourself, minimise your feelings, gaslight yourself, have tiny empathy for yourself and become purposefully low maintenance in relationships.
  • Feel low in energy and struggle to get into your full power, even though you know have a big life purpose and have a lot to give!
  • Don’t like to ask for help, because it’s quicker to do it on your own. You are much more comfortable helping than being helped. 
  • Don’t fully trust yourself to make the right decision.  But you’re very good at helping others. 

I call this The Narcissistic Template®: Where you treat yourself like the Narcissist used to.

I liken narcissists to the dementors in Harry Potter.

They suck out your life force. They want the biggest energy in the room. The real leader. The narcissist recognised your power and light before you did. You give and give and give and they take it. You build them up and you knock yourself down in the process. 

A narcissist is ‘me first’ at your expense. And you are: ‘you first’ at my expense.

The narcissist needs to learn how to give (they unlikely ever will and that’s not your problem). 

You need to learn how to receive, and how to make it safe for you to receive. Because for you, receiving is associated with betrayal, disappointment and abuse. 

This is why trusting new people, letting down your walls and opening up feels so hard. And why so many people who have had relationships with narcissists struggle to form close intimate relationships or to trust themselves.

It’s time to change that story.

My job – and what we’ll do together – is to get you to reclaim your light, your power and your freedom! I call this GLOW!

Let me introduce you to GLOW DAY – an intimate day event: 

GLOW DAY is a one-day in person event for women who have had narcissistic abuse or been in a lot of one-sided relationships to STOP treating themselves like the narcissist did and to START treating themselves like a GODDESS instead! It IS the most powerful antidote to Narcissistic Abuse!

Goddess = Choosing to have a Divine Relationship with Yourself.

When we treat ourselves like a Goddess we treat ourselves as the Divine would. This is the relationship we want to have with ourselves. 

In GLOW DAY – we need a powerful blend of…  Emotional release so we let our old feelings out of our body to let our power and magnetism and GLOW back in! We need to hear ourselves deeply (cause you and I aren’t doing superficial glow here!) and we need to transform an area of our life that’s been draining us. We also need to learn how to ask for what we want so we actually get it! Receiving is the first stage of YOU flourishing after narcissistic abuse so you GLOW!


1.30pm: Register: For an 2pm gorgeously sharp start! Come exactly as you are, dressed how you want in your loungewear, yoga pants, jeans or a BALL GOWN! Whatever makes you happy and comfortable! WHOOP!

2.00pm: Power Hour: Hear yourself deeply and trust yourself to make the right decision using your own internal guidance system.  

3.00pm: Splurge: Intuitively MOVE to funky music, using your voice to let your feelings out and experiencing an emotional release, so your power and magnetism come rushing back in!

3.15pm: Alchemy: Hone in on an area of your life that is stopping you or slowing you down from moving forwards into a future that excites you.  Whatever you’re dealing with. We’re going to go in and heal it. I call this Shadow Alchemy (my method of conscious and subconscious Shadow Work.)

4.00pm:  Break

4.45pm: Receive: How to Ask for What you Want – and Get It! Learn how to receive in relationships with this 3-step tool that women have used to get pay rises, help around the house, better sex, huge support in business, friendships, intimate relationships – everywhere – this also works with teenagers!

5.45pm: The Goddess Template®: Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. And be Cherished by beautiful YOU to Embody the Goddess that you ARE! A sacred closing ceremony.  

6.45pm: Finish feeling Fabulous, deeply connected to yourself and glowing! A great time to go out and have dinner with your girlfriends!

If you’re yearning to reclaim your energy, rediscover your essence, make it safer for yourself to receive and uphold unwavering standards, this day is tailor-made for you.

Consider GLOW DAY as a sanctuary for your soul, a space where you can choose to honour yourself as a Goddess rather than succumb to sacrificing your needs. 

It’s time to ditch The Narcissistic Template® – are you ready to treat yourself like a Goddess?

The below button takes you to the payment page and I’ll see on Saturday 27th July!

Love notes

There’s no airy fairy, new age crap to sift through!

“Marina’s innate natural beautiful ability to be radiant with energy, hold grounded, high vibe, upbeat space and completely tune into the collective energy & then individual space, both during the group live sessions and 1-1’s was perfect. Her advice is sound, it works 150% when you commit to the practices she suggests.

There’s no airy fairy, new age crap to sift through! Personally I can sense inauthenticity a mile off. Teachers, coaches, mentors can talk the talk but they lack the magical component that makes them totally aligned. Marina is! She weaves incredible intention, life changing principles and energetic prowess via the weekly live calls & 1-1s into your every day life.

If you’re unsure in whether to do this, from me to you … DO IT. Dive in. You will never look back.
Marina’s the real fucking deal.”


Marina’s work is absolutely unbelievable.

During a recent session with her she was able to essentially read my mind & energy by extracting stories / thoughts that were trapped within my subconscious that were therefore keeping me stuck in life. She released them, explained them so clearly to me & then walked me through the most healing practices I’ve ever had.

I left our session feeling lifted and with pure clarity as to my journeys next steps. I cannot recommend her enough, thank you so much – incredible!!


I have found the antidote to difficult, narcissistic relationships… it’s been deep healing and treating myself in the opposite way to how they have – instead of treating myself like they have – narcissistically – minimising my feelings, desires, gaslighting my decisions and knowingness, attacking me instead of supporting me…

… I have done the opposite. I have treated myself like a Goddess… making my feelings important and so loud in me that I have to follow them and my desires… and supporting myself like the absolute Goddess I am. I have created a love affair for life with my beloved, Paul. The scoliosis that began as a result of not being able to support myself continues to heal and straighten and I am 51 years old! My whole life, my body and relationships continue to get better and better… and all because I choose to treat myself like the divine Goddess I am. 

Love Notes!

The work Marina does is genuine, authentic, and powerful!!

I love working with Marina she is such a beautiful and inspiring soul. The work she does is truly authentic and that makes it that much more powerful. At the time I joined, I was feeling so disconnected from myself and what I really wanted and needed. I am very grateful for Marina and the work she does and I have had huge shifts since joining her course.

I have learned to love my feminine sensual self and truly connect with her needs, wants, and desires. I have been able to truly hear myself and my guides more clearly since clearing away all the distractions of everyone’s wants and needs. I was finally able to ask for support and get it in the most loving and beautiful way and receive it. There has been so many beautiful and powerful shifts from taking this course. I can’t express the amount of love and gratitude I have… Thank you Marina!

If you are ready to have massively beautiful shifts take her course!! The work Marina does is genuine, authentic, and powerful!!


What will always make me choose Marina’s coaching over anybody else is firstly, that she knows exactly how to take you to that place where you’re whole heartedly honest with yourself.

Marina just gets exactly what you need to transform, heal and empower yourself to become the person you’ve always wanted to be/always have been deep down under everything that was hurting you/keeping you small. Whenever I’ve been coached by Marina, I’ve always left with a feeling of energy that is not able to be explained but always brought me more self-love and true acceptance of myself.

There’s nobody quite like Marina. She’s everything feminine, bold, glittery and soft. But at the same time she will never let you bullshit yourself. She’s everything sparkly without the la dee da positivity. She’s all about REAL healing. REAL transformation. REAL, AUTHENTIC YOU!

I’ll always tell every woman that they NEED Marina in their life.


Got  Questions?

We’ve got answers…

Will this work for me? 

This will work best if you are ready to let your feelings out in a safe space, heal and release patterns and embody the Goddess that you ARE!  If you are ready to show up fully for yourself this session is designed for you to reclaim and expand into your feminine power.  (This session isn’t for dealing with deep trauma, my private sessions are for that. You can email us here for those.) This is an event for women over the age of 18. 

What is Shadow Alchemy?

Shadow Alchemy (Shadow Work) teaches you to fall in love with resistance, ego, blocks, fear, and self-sabotage so they have no power over you anymore. So, when something comes up? You know how to dissolve it and open up a new timeline for yourself, quickly. We will use this modality so you can become your highest timeline.

I already do a lot of self-healing. How is Shadow Alchemy different?

Shadow Alchemy gives you access to profound healing and deep potent inner wisdom and manifestation. I have been teaching metaphysics, healing, meditation, and yoga for 25 years, and have never experienced anything like the deep shifts and manifestations I receive from Shadow Alchemy.

Accessing Shadow Alchemy allows you to use whatever is happening in your life, to receive downloads and guidance – it’s like a direct line to what you really need to know, without resistance or fear that may be in play otherwise… making you the greatest expression of your beautiful self.

What if I can’t connect to my feminine power or hear anything?

Don’t worry Goddess – I’ve got you! After 20 years of coaching women to heal and become I have a 100% record on you coming home to yourself and hearing yourself deeply. You’re in a safe space and will feel very held and loved. If you think you’re ready, you’re ready. Even if you’re a bit scared!

I run a business, is this for me? 

Yes, it’s for business owners and leaders who need to shut out the noise and connect deeply to their power.

I don’t run a business, is this for me? 

Yes gorgeous woman – if you know you are ready to become HER, this day is also for you!

I’m wary of being in a room of women I don’t know

SAME! I’ve got you xx So I’m not going to ask you to hug anyone or introduce yourself to the group and why you are here blah blah…  (Can totally relate!) So, come exactly as you are – wearing your ballgown or trackie pants and come exactly as you’re feeling on the day, good, bad or whatever and know you’re in a safe space of women who aren’t into that shit either! We’re here to release, heal and GLOW –  and have FUN!

What is the time commitment and where is it?

2.00pm – 6.45pm Saturday 27th July at The Float Spa, Hove (Next to Brighton.)

Bring water, a journal to write in and yummy snacks, we’ll have breaks and a 45 min break for munchies! There are lots of lovely places to go to or you can eat inside. 

It’s happening at The Float Spa, 8 Third Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PX, England.  How to find us – Half way down Third Ave, next to Hotel Langfords and under Oeuf Cafe. Look out for our A-board. 

Nearest Train StationHove Train Station. A 4 min taxi ride or 18 minute walk.  Brighton Train Station. A 10 min taxi ride or 40 min walk. 

What happens once I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available, however if you can’t make the day, please email us here to ask if Marina is running another live session and if there is space for you to attend the next one.  This isn’t guaranteed, but we will do our best. 

Are you ready for your GLOW UP?


Hi, I am Marina!

I coach women to flourish after narcissistic abuse, relationship difficulties and women who are ready to up-level fast.  I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

I’ve activated women who want to step into their innate power and transform the relationship they have with themselves and painful dynamics with others into receiving easily in relationships, in becoming the powerhouse they know they are and in having the kind of boundaries, high standards and expansion for themselves, that really turn them ON.

I’m the creator of The Narcissistic Template Method®. I’m the #1 best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 20 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, the Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book, podcast and free masterclasses in my FB group.