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Storm FM Radio Interview - January 2023

Storm FM Radio Interview - January 2023


Yes! I've bingewatched the first three masterclasses today - better than Netflix!

A Goddess

Clients are coming in everyday…
My angel thank you for coming in my life and changing it. The day I started this masterclass I have transformed each and everyday.. my approach has changed… I was so sceptical to receive any type of help…
Now I am not only open but receiving everyday… I am not exaggerating but I am really surprised at my self… I cannot put it in words there are so many Ah Aha moments… People arre calling me to help me for making my business grow.. clients are coming in everyday… You shifted my entire energy and got me out of that stuck and blocked feeling… I can’t even imagine that if this masterclass can do this to me your 6 week program would create wonders in people life…
Once again thank you and keep doing your good work
Lots of love


I quite literally feel like a new woman in only an 8 week period.
I know that this was the best decision and best investment that I have ever made for myself…
I said yes because I could feel how effective even the 3 free master classes were that were used to introduce it. Marina’s methods are unique, and powerful – I knew from those master classes that the method would be effective for me. I was absolutely ready to level-up. I was ready to thrive, and no longer just survive. The timing was absolutely perfect.
The Shadow Alchemy course has helped provide me with tools that have created a tangible difference in how I view myself and how I deal with situations.
The most important shift I had though, was the ability to stand up to my abusive ex, in an emotionally neutral way, which finally returned a balance of power. The tools throughout the course have been immediately useful, for tackling day to day issues, perceptions of self and others, and have brought me the closest to my higher self that I have been in the longest time.


Marina is a powerful healer, who I highly recommend to anyone wanting to deeply know themselves and how to share their gifts in the world.
I recently had a couple of Theta Healing sessions with Marina and Wow!! What a homecoming! Marina had laser sharp vision in identifying the ways I self-sabotaged or boxed myself in and was able to quickly help me burst out of there into a life of joy and fulfilment. I love that she is not afraid of the shadows or to tell it like it is in the most loving way and that she always has my higher self and aspirations in mind. I felt deeply recognised and that she was totally rooting for me and this allowed me to go so much further in the process. Sessions with her are cosmic gold dust grounded in earthly womanly wisdom. Thank you awesome lady!


Within a month, Michele was already hearing herself and trusting herself to make the right decisions; She stopped gaslighting herself.
More of her thoughts and energy were now for her and she began rebuilding her company… She fired certain staff members who refused to have a reciprocal relationship with the company and let the right ones in.
Clients started flooding in and in 12 months she 2X her business to $2M. (And she is on the way to 3M this year.)
She was flourishing, her team were walking around happy, motivated and strong. She was serving her clients in the way she wanted to!

We made it safe for her to receive love. 10 months after her first session with me, she met the love of her life. Ahhhh… x
She’d vibrated all the takers out and healed the strained relationships in her family, let some friends go and also certain projects that were just no longer turning her on. The light came back into her eyes. She ate better, got fit and lost weight. She was loving being herself again. She was having fun. It was now safe for her to feel sexy and beautiful. She was doing things she’d been dreaming about for 10 years.
And all this within a year.


Meet Marina!

I coach women to flourish after narcissistic abuse, relationship difficulties and women who are ready to up-level fast.  I guide women to uncover the hidden shadows that typical therapy, mindset strategies, or self-care habits won’t address so that you RISE and become the fabulous woman you were born to be!

Stepping into your innate power and transforming the relationship you have with yourself so you continue to expand and dissolve painful dynamics in relationships is key! I want you being seen, heard, loved and celebrated in relationships. Alchemising all situations powerfully, becoming the powerhouse you know you are and having energetic boundaries, high standards and knowing how to treat yourself like a Goddess means you will heal and you will make the impact you are here to make.  

I’m the creator of The Narcissistic Template Method®. I’m the #1 best-selling author of the book “Turn Yourself On”, podcaster and for 20 years a Certified Integrative Life Coach and for 25 years a Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

My specialities are Integrating the shadow with Shadow Alchemy, the Narc and Goddess Template® Method, The Akashic Records, Activations, and Metaphysics.

I am deeply spiritually connected but I also love to swear! So when I say you’re fabulous, I mean you’re fucking fabulous!

I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, transformation and yes, fabulousness ON! You can RISE with me through private coaching, courses, my book, podcast and free masterclasses in my FB group.