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I’ve written these with you in mind…

 – because your happiness is everything!


The Amazon #1 best seller TURN YOURSELF ON

‘Turn Yourself On’ will turn your power ON and get you your fabulous back! After upset with him, with her, or with life in general – because your happiness is everything! This is your best friend and handbook for life. Open this book at the exact page you need; each page is overflowing with an opulence of gorgeous tools, ideas and techniques.

‘Turn Yourself On’ by Marina J is in all good book stores and online in paperback, Kindle and E-book.

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I was invited to co-author what has become a #1 bestseller of 13 intimate interviews with Carl Logrecco.

I kick off the book with the 1st chapter and tell you about how I got here, from being a broke single mum to now being married to the love of my life.   I tell you what I used to do to bring myself up and out of the hole I found myself in. And it really was a hole, I was isolated, poor and had no support.  But what I did have?  Was a huge DESIRE to flourish.

You’ll also get to read about other women – how does a woman go from being paralysed to sinking her teeth back into life again?  How does a another woman go from millionaire – to broke – to umm…billionaire?

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