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Marina J coaching thank you
Everything just keeps falling into place... Before I started the Relationship Coaching Program my life looked like complete chaos. I was running my own successful business...

mj_leanne_pinkEverything just keeps falling into place…

Before I started the Relationship Coaching Program my life looked like complete chaos. I was running my own successful business, working well into the night most nights to please my clients.  My clients were happy with me, but it was at the expense of my wellbeing (I would often get ill) and my 2 children and husband.  I would find myself yelling and shouting at them, there were constant interruptions; I couldn’t get enough done in the day.  I forever lived with a sore throat! Most days were filled with overwhelm and I felt burdened, anxious and stressed. I found that I was tired, irritable, my skin was reactive, dry and lifeless, as was the rest of me.  I wasn’t happy in any area of my life – work, family and I often felt angry with my husband though I couldn’t explain why. I wasn’t able to switch off and just relax and enjoy my children or husband. And I so wanted to!  It all just felt like work, work, work.  And no matter how hard I worked, no matter how hard I tried to fix the problems, nothing worked.

From the very first session with you I knew things were going to be different and sure enough my spark is back and I’m loving what I do and having fun with it!   I am now running 2 very successful businesses!  And no I am not in more overwhelm, quite the opposite! My new business is called Woman In Overwhelm and I now invite experts and run events for women who are in overwhelm  (just like I used to be!)  Marina helped me build my vision into the exciting business it is now.  I no longer please my clients at the expense of myself and family.  My whole approach to my day and life is now based on receiving pleasure from my day, every day. So I  enjoy running my working week now and I enjoy my children and husband!  I no longer shout at them because it hurts me.  It just doesn’t feel right anymore. I feel passionate, energised and alive!

I’ve lost weight and people around me often tell me how well I’m looking these days.   I have much more time now; On school mornings I often find I’ve 20 minutes free (fancy that?!)  I’ve leveraged my time in my business so I am working less hours for more money. 6 months into the coaching program my new business model and mindset enabled me to book a luxurious 3 week holiday at Christmas!  Each week I am free to spend a work free day at home with my youngest child.  I kept saying to Marina that “Everything just keeps falling into place”, and it does! I now have the tools and techniques to take myself into the future so if I feel overwhelmed I know how to handle myself and my day.

Marina is one in a million and knows her stuff.  She’s been right where you are right now and understands you to the point that sometimes I thought she must have been following me around and hiding!

Leanne ImbroDirector of LSI Administrative Services and Woman In OverwhelmSydney

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