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Anne Marina J
I feel completely reborn and transformed... NOW that I LOVE myself and am putting myself first – my life is taking off in a completely different direction and I have to keep ticking things off my awesome desire list...

Anne Marina JI feel completely reborn and transformed…

I was depressed, lonely, disempowered, constantly TIRED and struggling to believe I was worthy of being loved and so full of SELF DOUBT.  My skin on my face was constantly red and irritated…..I couldn’t make simple decisions for myself such as what do I want to eat for lunch today –it was a really hard decision for me.  I had given away my Power SO often in my life – I actually believed it was the done thing and the result from doing that for so long = UNHAPPINESS and LOW SELF ESTEEM!!!!

NOW I eat exactly what I desire and do exactly what makes me feel GOOD and no more compromising to please anyone other than myself!!!!!.  12 months ago my close relationships were full of people who kept showing me how badly I was treating myself and I didn’t understand it was the relationship with myself that needed to CHANGE….….. NOW that I  LOVE myself and have made the decision to put myself first – my life is now taking off in a completely different direction and I have to keep ticking things off my AWESOME desire list as they appear!

I feel so amazingly strong and confident and proud and happy!  Creating my life now gives me PLEASURE and FOLLOWING my Dreams gives me pleasure and knowing I am the Creator of my Life gives me THE MOST PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION…. and my CONFIDENCE? – wooh yeh!

I just feel really, really PROUD of myself for ALLOWING myself the privilege of having Marina coach me into the GODDESS I now TRULY believe I am.  Honestly, I feel so thrilled and excited inside – I feel reborn and completely transformed!  I will keep saying it to everyone I know “Women need Women like Marina in their life” I have never known anyone like her before.   Thank you Marina!

I’m going to find myself a beautiful new SPARKLY journal to take around the world with me so I can write about my new Life living as a GODDESS and my BIG journey of SELF discovery

Ann FitzpatrickBrisbane

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