Shadow Alchemy Course 2022


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In The Shadow Alchemy Course we are going to be applying Healing Templates to heal the relationship you’re having with yourself, with others and with your dreams, so you live as the Goddess intended: Powerfully, successfully, and abundantly. Shadow Alchemy (Shadow Work) teaches you to fall in love with resistance, ego, blocks, fear, and self-sabotage so they have no power over you anymore. So, when something comes up? You know how to dissolve it and open up a new timeline for yourself, quickly.

You’ll have lifetime access to your 16 classes so you can power yourself up anytime you want. Plus when I run this course each year, as a Goddess Graduate, you’ll have access to my newest, deepest knowledge and teachings for a fraction of the price, giving you powerful yearly support!

Why did you say YES to the Shadow Alchemy Course to become the powerhouse that you are? 

I said yes because I could feel how effective even the 3 free master classes were that were used to introduce it. Marina’s methods are unique, and powerful – I knew from those master classes that the method would be effective for me. I was absolutely ready to level-up. I was ready to thrive, and no longer just survive. The timing was absolutely perfect.

Now that I have gone through the course I know that this was the best decision and best investment that I have ever made for myself, and the quality of the learning is going to serve me for the rest of my life. 

Your work is powerful and truly transformative Marina. You literally deliver what others claim to, but you are the real deal! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Dawn

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