Be the Alchemist you were Born to Be + 1:1 Coaching


6 Master Classes to remind you of your power within: This option includes:

  • 6 x 2 hour Live Master Classes, recorded.
  • Access to over 100 healing classes and master classes.
  • Access to our private FB group, your home for 6 weeks.
  • 1:1 Private Coaching Session

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This is the 6 week Master Class Course + Coaching session to:
Be the Alchemist you were Born to Be.

I’ve spent 16 years coaching clients from around the globe to transform their life and this is the first time I am ever offering this Course – to teach you how to become the alchemist you were born to be.

1: Power Week: Call your power back in. Bring forth your ancient wisdom. Shadow work. Subconscious process. Remembering WHO you ARE.

2: Emotional Alchemy 1: Level 1: Learn how to heal with conscious shadow work to initiate yourself to your next level confidently.  Learn how to flip any feeling into a feeling that helps you, rather than hurts you. We work with your natural feelings here. We don’t deny or suppress any feeling. This is how you become comfortable in your own skin.

3: Emotional Alchemy 2: Level 2: Learn how to heal your issue to the core with subconscious shadow work and activations. Alchemise the feeling you hate to feel and make friends with this feeling or part of you that you’ve been at war with so it has no power over you anymore. Like your fear, neediness, failure, beauty, sexiness, self-sabotage, pain or success. What you can’t own? Owns you.

4: Emotional Alchemy 3: Level 3: Confidently alchemise a particular situation so you no longer need to keep repeating this lesson. The power is in you not this situation. Hone your skill to confidently heal your dark into light, anytime you want. This is not a flippant statement. Realise this power that you are. Learn how to clear painful dynamics from your life such as relationships, patterns, situations and being stuck.  What would it do for you to know you can heal yourself completely?

5: Forgiveness Week: Master the ability to genuinely forgive in this beautiful process to alchemise your past into pure freedom. Upgrade your system to no longer require forgiveness on either side, because at the same time, there is nothing to forgive.

6: Create Week: Hear your higher self, the higher truth, your spiritual team and the Creator clearly. Trust and move in this wisdom that is only designed for you. You are the wisest person you know. Let’s bring your magic IN! You ARE your own alchemist!

7: Private coaching session to free yourself from self-sabotage. This 1:1 session is 60 minutes and you’ll receive instructions within 24 hours on how to book in. I can’t wait to do this with you!

These 6 Master Classes:

Run on Zoom and you can choose to have your camera on or off. Learning is interactive or you can stay quiet… always honour yourself.

2 hour Live Master Classes are on Wednesdays at 9am London time, 8pm Sydney, 5pm Hong Kong on these days:

  1. Wednesday 4 November
  2. Wednesday 11 November
  3. Wednesday 18 November
  4. Wednesday 25 November
  5. Wednesday 2 December
  6. Wednesday 9 December

Click here to check your time difference.

They are recorded if you miss them. All you need is a pc or mobile phone.

This option includes:

  • Access to over 100 healing classes and master classes for the duration of this course.
  • Access to our private FB group, your home for 6 weeks.
  • 1:1 Private Coaching session to free yourself from self-sabotage.

On purchase you will receive:

A hello from me email within the next 24 hours with instructions 🙂


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