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In a relationship?

If you’re having problems with him just know this:

You are not on your own, even though it feels you are.

And this can be a really lonely place to be stuck in.

With you and him like this.

How long has this been going on for?

It’s like you’re going through the motions most days, you’re overwhelmed with all that there is to do, and by the end of each day you’re tired and brittle. You’re frequently annoyed by him and have these sit down chats or stand up yelling matches.  Either way, nothing changes, he still doesn’t listen.

Sex feels like another thing to do on your to-do-list and it’s right down there at No.20 (if he’s lucky).
And if you’re lucky?  You might be able to fall asleep again before he does tonight so you can avoid him.  You know more about what he wants than what you want and often pre-empt what he needs before he’s even thought the thought!  Yes you are that good. But boy it’s exhausting.
And what’s in it for you?  Makes you resentful of all that you do. And what do you get back?  He often complains that you criticise him, that in your eyes he can do nothing right.  He’s pulling away from you and has his stupid nose stuck in work, some project, golf – in fact anything that’s not you.  You come last.

And if you have kids?  He can hop out to the gym/surf/the moon at a moments notice…and you?  You’re left worrying about them and looking after their health, their happiness and their future.
If feels like you’re on your own, though you’d never tell a soul… And you also have this whole other painful dynamic between you that you need help on.  You’ve tried lots of different ways to fix it but nothing has worked up until now.

Would you like to know how I can help?

Can you imagine having new tools today to create a real love affair for life with your husband or partner?
To be able to forgive him and move on?
To become really happy together or apart? Can you imagine finally healing that dynamic between you two?

How would it feel?

I help women like you who feel stuck and frustrated in your relationship, transform it with tools and coaching to create the relationship you’ve dreamed of. Nothing less.

The Turn Yourself On Program has taken these women to the next level, just like it can for you.

The Turn Yourself On Coaching Program

This is right for you if you’re feeling:

  • Exhausted with what’s going on in your relationship with your husband, lover, partner.
  • A low level of anger towards him. He just feels like another thing on your list to do.
  • That you want to change what’s going on but haven’t been able to by yourself up until now.
  • Like you have lost yourself in this relationship and you don’t like who you’ve become.
  • You are just going through the motions most days, you are not depressed but feel you have nothing to look forward to.
And no matter how hard you work, and how much you’re doing everything that you should it’s never enough? You’re not having the relationship you want (that you know you’re capable of) and right now you’re feeling tired and consumed by it when you’re at home.

Where do you start?

I searched for the past 14 years trying to find a system that:

1. Teaches you step by step how to create a relationship that uniquely fullfils and nourishes you 2. Makes it easy to dissolve the blocks that sabotage women in relationships (with the added bonus of becoming an excellent communicator.) Would you like to get some real education on how to release past hurts, disappointment, distrust, the current pain that you’re in? So you emerge from this exhausting dynamic and into this potential future you know is possible for you two ? And along the way, would it add to your relationship if you learned how to lift the lid off your sensuality, your orgasms, your beauty, your ability to ask for what you want from him and actually get it – with pleasure? Would you like to be in the kind of  relationship that makes other women wish they had what you had?  The kind where you feel all dewy and  younger not older?!  Because we were never taught it. And I can take you step by step, just like I did; (I mean if I can do it, you can do it!)  I married the man of my dreams (I used to be a single mum) and have learned so much about what to do and what not to do. So…

What’s possible for you two?

In the Turn Yourself On Coaching Program, here are some of the goodies you’ll receive for your relationship:

  • Transform that painful dynamic that’s been hurting you, so you’re free
  • Resolve conflict quicker & use it to create deeper emotional security
  • Learn how to successfully communicate so he actually hears you and acts on what you want
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your relationship
  • Heal past hurts and old wounds so you can bounce back quicker
  • Re-ignite the relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together
  • Be desired again
  • Enjoy a love affair for life with your husband or partner
  • Learn to love yourself again
  • Receive tools & coaching to create a relationship that uniquely fullfils you
  • Receive love, nourishment & attention in your relationship
  • Look forward to coming home to each other!
  • Increased confidence & self esteem
  • Skyrocket your orgasms, sensuality, beauty and fun
  • Get your GLOW and your joie de vivre back!
  • Pass on the legacy of your new loving relationship to your children
This relationship coaching system is the same one I have used to help office workers, women entrepreneurs, natural therapy business owners, music industry execs, mums working from home, women married for 40 years, women who want commitment, women who have been married for 3 years and can feel the boredom creeping in….ignite a part of them they didn’t know they had to easily receive the relationship happiness and emotional security that had been waiting in the wings all these years.

Did you know that the level of happiness in a relationship has nothing to do with what the man does or does not do? It has everything to do with how a woman is feeling about herself & how much permission she gives herself to receive.

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