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Home healing programs

I have created these home healing programs for you to do in the comfort of your own home.  For less than the price of a private coaching session with me, receive what you need to transform, now.

What are you drawn to?

Go with your gut feel, and then settle back, listen to me coach you from the audio as if I’m sitting next to you…(by the way I like what you’ve done with your hair) and let yourself transform something in your life…

mp3s and audio coaching


Turn Yourself On at Home

Based on my book Turn Yourself On, this program is for you to get your fabulous BACK! After upset with him, her or with life in general, because your happiness is everything.

Hear my voice guiding you through the healing processes in this book along with a special workbook so you receive the support you need this month.

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Inject ENERGY into YOU Again!

Together we will go through the 5 steps I take my clients through that takes them out of dry out and into energised action again – your energy is so infectious, let’s inject you with it TODAY!

This the perfect tool to use regularly and then when you need that delicious reminder! I’m going to invite you to stop the MP3 at certain times to do the emotional exercises so you get energised again and again after each listen!
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Be Worshipped By Him

So you become NO.1 in his life again. EASILY!

This is a sultry, sexy OOO la la MP3 for you to take HIM + YOU to new heights in and out of the bedroom!: How do you want to be kissed? I will guide you so you cannot help but get HOT under the covers tonight!

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Don’t Let Emotional Weight Keep You From Losing Kilo’s

I’m going to share the 3 keys to losing the emotional weight that are keeping you from losing the kilo’s. During this audio you’re going to begin to feel a lot better – and those Kilo’s? Bye bye!
This is the perfect tool for use every day, weekly and then when you need that lift up. I’m going to invite you to stop the MP3 at certain times to do the emotional exercises so you’ll feel refreshed, energised and back on track again after each listen.

  • 30 minute MP3, download & listen to in the comfort of your own home
  • Detox yourself from the shame
  • Increase your appetite
  • Fast become the best friend you ever had
  • Feel energised NOW
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Be your Own Best Friend:

& STAY Free from Self-Sabotage this Month

The first month after you free yourself from self-sabotage is the most important.

How do you ensure you stay out of it for the whole month?

How can you trust yourself?  What structure can you put into place this month to support you?

I’m right here with you:

  • 9 audio’s including how to become addicted to self-love
  • Morning & Evening meditation (including yoga nidra)
  • What to do if you self-sabotage again
  •  E-book so you are fully supported
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Home healing Programs

October 3, 2014


Audio Coaching. Downloadable mp3s to learn at your own pace at home


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  1. February 29, 2016

    Marina you truly are a Goddess!
    You inspire,help,heal,enthuse,bring out the best in us and make us live and laugh again. Your website is full of guidance and tips that we all need to get on track. Your one on one coaching gave me strength and confidence again and certainly helped me heal and get perspective.
    Thankyou for all you do! With love and hugs from your well coached Goddess, Kerry xxx

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