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The below resources are for YOU – to help you get your FABULOUS back!

And what’s in your way?

Ta daaaaaa – it’s YOU!

Dammit – sometimes we just know don’t we?

The good news? It’s never what is or isn’t happening in your life – it’s how you deal with it that matters. Hurrah!

Would you like to learn some techniques and general all round deliciousness to get YOU back?

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Want to LIVE the life that’s waiting for you?



You know that list in your head right now? Yes you’re going to get them all done.

So don’t worry, you might not be looking forward to doing much of it but you’ll get it sorted.

You know that other list in your head? The one that has all your dreams and plans in them? The one that holds the key to you being your brightest most dazzling self? The one that makes you smile just to think of?

What’s on that list Goddess?

Say it out loud (or inside your head if you’re at work right now) – whisper it or YELL it OUT!

Say it again.

Say it again.


This is the list we are talking about THIS. This is the real list that’s inside you this very moment, begging you to take notice. Wanting you to allocate a very special part of your day every day to it.

And it’s not dependent on what he is or isn’t doing.

And it matters not that you are so damn busy you just inhaled your lunch.

And it matters not that on some days you wonder if it will ever happen for you?

Because of time – because that some of the time you aren’t always on your own side.

It matters not.

When I was a single mum working 3 jobs (and that 3rd job nearly killed me but it was to afford a life coach) I called up my girlfriend and cried my eyes out. “How am I EVER going to get myself out of this and into the business I want to create? Into the life that I want, need, now, now, now?” You know what she said? Do you have 10 minutes a day? “Yes after 10pm at night when everything’s done that’s when I sit down” I replied – “Well there you go, that’s your time.”

And that’s how I started Marina J! With a 10 minute slot one very cold dark evening. (You can read about this more in my first book Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women) And my mindset to do this?


So tell me again – what are you wanting?

Are you worth it?

Are you worth it?

I’m sorry I can’t hear you – I said – are you worth it?


So let’s find a very special part of your day every day to do this – when is good for you? When are you at your best? Go put it in your diary now – if it’s not diarised you’ll say you’ll do it but it will be haphazard. And you deserve to spend at least 10 minutes on this very special list of yours each day.

The real list.

Ok read this:

YOU are not your bank account. YOU are not your shame of that smattering of clients, of that weak willed husband of yours, of the state of your marriage, the state of your life. How can you be? It doesn’t matter if haven’t slept properly in ages, keep saying yes when you mean no, question can I do this? (More than you’d ever admit).

You were put on this planet to have an AMAZING life! Life is a FABULOUS gift and one of your fabulous gifts is to create this dream that is in your heart this very moment. It was given to you because the universe knows that you are worth it. That you are the right one.

You are the right one for this dream of yours.

And if it’s your dream, then I already know you are worth it.

I already know that you can do it…

Pardon..what was that?

Oh I hear something…do you hear it too? It’s YOU! You’re saying to me:


And you are!

You are!

You are!

Now use this mindset for your next meeting, your next decision, your next moment…and MOVE down that list faster than you ever have before.

Because you deserve all those goodies coming to you – in just the exact delectable way you want them.

I want this for you.

And Oh My God YES YOU’RE WORTH IT with cherries on top!

Leave a comment below and tell the world why you’re worth it – we wanna hear it!

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When the Chips are Down…

If I was your coach – I would want to know, when the chips are down:
How do you treat yourself?

That is the single biggest indicator of how much you love yourself.

And, how much you love yourself is the single biggest indicator of whether you are really enjoying your relationships or not.

So if the chips are down for you, even a little today – how kind are you being to yourself right now?

What do I mean by being kind to yourself?

Have you listened to yourself today? Have you said yes to yourself even if it means saying no to that project, that person?

If you were kind to yourself right now, how would your day change?
Would you decline that offer of lunch with those slightly bitchy girls in the office?

Would you be brave enough to tell your best friend how she really hurt you? Would you eat exactly what you desire today– not just eating that salad you packed this morning because it’s healthy?

Because I’ll tell you now, if you eat that salad, you might feel a bit empty inside. Maybe you really desired a warm lasagne? A fragrant Laksa? Something to fill you up and nourish your soul?

If you treat yourself harshly and make yourself eat something you don’t want, you might find yourself lunging for that chocolate cake at 3pm… with the wild abandon of a woman who hasn’t been satiated in years. Is that self love? Is that loving you? What sort of person would do that to herself?

You might find yourself hungrier for a life you are not allowing yourself to have.

When the chips are down do you allow yourself to receive exactly what you need or do you punish yourself even more and sink deeper?

If you are brave enough to receive exactly what you need your self love will rise, always.

Self love acts as an insulator to whatever is giving you pain in your life. Sink into that honey bath and cry your eyes out, ring a girlfriend and talk it through, book yourself a coach, someone who will hold you at your highest and be your biggest cheerleader whilst not being too scared to stand up to you; in particular the part of you who doesn’t care for herself when the chips are down.

If you can treat yourself well when the chips are down I know that you love yourself and I therefore know that you will be surrounded by people in your life who treat you as you treat yourself.
Teach others how to treat you when the chips are down by the way you treat yourself.
You have to love every last drop of yourself to allow love in to every last drop of you – otherwise you will push it away at the very time when you need it the most, when the chips are down.

So, if the chips are down for you today – what do you need? What would warm your soul? Can you love yourself?

Ask yourself: How kind am I being to myself right now?

Because your ride through this hard time will be far easier, you’ll receive the gift of this situation quicker and not drop down so far.

What’s not to love about you?

If you’re feeling blue, what would warm your soul today?  Leave a comment below. x

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YOU crazy?!

You Crazy?! It’s 11.45am my little voice murmured as I rolled over to look at the clock.

Yes siree its 11.45am on this fine Saturday morning and me myself and I have slept in to this unimaginably crazy hour – yippee!  And I then I had this thought – what if I slept in for even longer…?

Well that’s just f*****g lazy…

What a bum!  Yes I’m turning into a bum.

How slothenly of me

How awfully wasteful of the day this is….

This is crazy; it’s already nearly lunchtime!

Yes this is CRAZY all right – it’s crazy GOOD crazy that’s what! So you know I rolled right over again and slept till 2pm never really getting the day started at all as it turns out…

Oh what a lazy arse!

Is this crazy to you?  I’ll tell you what crazy IS. Crazy is trying to keep doing what we know we should do when our whole body is screaming NO!  Crazy is following the same hours of output when frankly it feels like we’re going against that grain.  More than we care to admit. And if you’re in the height of summer right now, or you’re going through stuff, you know I’m still talking to you! So we become very attached to our coffee/chocolate hit at 3pm, because we can literally feel ourselves deflating at certain times during the day…and rather than sleep under our desks we push on. With all manner of drinks, food and nasty pushy wording from your internal sponsor.  Now that’s crazy dontcha think?

Because here in Australia it is winter and just like the tree’s outside which have stopped expanding and pushing outwards, it is our turn to stop, go inside and ground ourselves by doing whatever we need to feel safe, warm and nourished.

Gorgeous woman, you may be throwing away your natural energy reserves that you need for the whole rest of your year by not listening to the three natural signs your body is giving you:

  1. The need to sleep in
  2. The desire to withdraw from people, social media, lots of big loud gatherings where you have to be the life and soul of the party
  3. The need for comfort – ie – Ugg boots V high pointy heels, comfy jim jams…you just want to be around those you love so can just be

So no you’re not going mad if you’ve been feeling like me acting on it or wanting with every fibre of your being (apart from your head) to act on it.  In fact you might not feel in sync with the outside world at the moment, but you are at a much deeper level in sync with nature.  Hurrah! Nature is cheering you all the way to your very own full stop!  Because you need to rest now so that you can fully expand in the spring time!

Can you imagine companies everywhere issuing this memo to you?  It drops in your inbox:

Dear Valued Employee

It is because we think so very highly of you and are so grateful for all that you do for us around here that we are giving you the whole month of June and July off.  We are paying for you to have a spa each week so you really rejuvenate, spend time with your families, go inside and reflect – and be ready fresh as a daisy! On Aug 1.

Love Your Boss x

So in lieu of your boss, your baby, your housework, your project letting up and getting in sync with nature, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Drop the guilt about stopping and receiving. Remind yourself that you are in sync with nature and that you risk losing your natural energy reserves for the whole rest of the year if you don’t follow what your body is desperate for.
  2. Get thee to bed by 10pm tonight – the more hours you sleep before 10pm the quicker you will rejuvenate.
  3. When you find yourself staring at a wall, let yourself, it’s nature darling, don’t fight it.
  4. Book yourself a cleaner for the next couple of months, trust me, you won’t look back. And if you can’t afford it, do swaps. I used to swap with a lady – I taught her yoga and she cleaned my flat.  What could you swap?  Think baking, picking up her kids from school, using your skills in business to help her.
  5. Become a Relaxing Diva. Let nothing get in your way.  Go slow, then go slower. Plan whole sections of time with NO COMPROMISE written all over them.  I personally like to eat chocolate, next to a wafty candle burning something sweet whilst being totally immersed in something I am reading. I like to do these all at the same time.  I do not start one without the others being there for maximum lazy arse time
  6. Remember – the more output you give out, the lazier you must be! I coach some wonderfully high achievers…and so I coach them to find their Relaxing Diva and yes their lazy arse.

Your next level of success this winter is to be found in doing less and being more, your body knows it, the trees know it and your soul knows it.

You’re not going crazy, you’re right.

Leave a comment below to show off your lazy arse tactics!  How lazy can you get and how gooood does it feel?

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Mums! Put Yourself 1st

If you are feeling like you come last on the list at home, are regularly time pressured, are exhausted, feel like you are just going through the motions most days, that you are doing this on your own, and that your husband doesn’t really see you anymore..

…And you wonder, how on earth did it get to this? You are not depressed, but sometimes you feel you don’t have much to look forward to.  There is nothing nourishing your soul.  You doubt your choices more than you let on and somewhere along the way you have lost yourself.

Did you know that you are not alone?  This is happening to millions of women right now.

Would you like to turn an important corner in your life?

Did you know that if you start putting yourself 1st today it will transform your family life and your health?

..Because everyone wins when you put yourself 1st – want to know what you’re gonna get?

*A rejuvenated relationship with yourself so you start flourishing – just like you were born to

*You’ll receive help, love, support more easily from those you love

*Less arguments

*Less emotional eating, less exhaustion, more energy, with a more happy you

If you were in a coaching session with me right now we would go through a wonderful process of releasing the old you – the part of you who exhausts you.  We would start you on a program for receiving in your life – and here are some tips to start you off at home right now:

*You’ve got to put the juice back into your engine so you have energy for the changes – so ask yourself – “what makes me laugh uncontrollably?”  “What can I put into my day so I laugh till I almost pee my pants daily?!”

*Take a piece of paper and draw a line vertically down it.  On the left side write all the ways you put others 1st to the detriment of yourself.  On the right side write what this really costs you in terms of your health, time and money.

*Give yourself permission this week to say yes to every pleasurable offer of help

*Give yourself permission to say “no” to anything that will not add to your happiness.

Putting yourself last will lead to unbalanced marriages and relationships – it means you are worth less than the other person.

I invite you to listen to your heart and to follow your bliss.  Teach others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself.

I’ll tell you now, you are so, so worth it.

Leave a comment below and tell me what offer of help you’re going to say yes to this week that normally you’d brush off and say no to?

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You are Sexy, ALIVE & Beautiful!

What if we walked around today knowing that we are sexy, ALIVE and beautiful?

THIS IS SELF LOVE; would every interaction today be different?

Yes it would.  Do you believe you are sexy, ALIVE and beautiful?

What if I told you that you are an intuitive, magnificent woman with access to all the sensuality, wisdom and love at your fingertips – would you believe me?

Every woman has magnificence at her core.

Deep down every woman knows this.

You do too.

How do you walk around knowing you are a magnificent woman (no matter what has happened in your day?)

You need to let your self doubt wash away.  Peel it off you and let it slip right off of you like silk into the ground beneath. Ahhh.. You know what I mean – doubting that he loves you, doubting him, doubting that you are doing the right thing, saying the right thing, wearing the right thing, are pretty enough, clever enough, tall enough, small enough, sexy enough when the lights are on – phew!  It’s enough to exhaust any good woman! When a woman doubts her very essence, is she really able to hear her own magnificence loud and clear?

If I were coaching you now I would assert that you do know who you are, you do know you are magnificent, and you do know what to do; you do have the answers to all the wisdom you need.  You just need to trust your own magnificence.

What’s the quickest route to your magnificence?  Well there are lots of ways and if I were coaching you we would find a way that was special to you.  One of the quickest ways I know of is to have fun! Yes, it’s not complicated and yes it is that simple – FUN! But I mean real fun, the sort that get’s you throwing your head back in loud laughter, the sort that leaves you glowing.  It will get you in contact with your beauty and magnificence and outrageous sexiness quicker than you can read this article.

So what are you waiting for delicious woman?  Dance at your desk right now!  Go find some nature and sit in it – go anywhere that you are in your element.  Shake it out! You are a magnificent woman who has all she needs at her very fingertips – you better believe it! Can you ditch your doubt today & let your magnificence lead the way?  It’s much more fitting for a woman like YOU.

Never ever look to your outside world for validation of who you are. You are one SEXY HOT WOMAN who can create magnificence EVERYWHERE!

Tell me – what are you going to do TODAY to get in touch with your sexy ALIVE and beautiful self?  Let me know in the comments below!

And let me tell you now – the world is starving for more women like you (we’ve kind of over indulged in the kind of woman who doubts her own magnificence).  Revel in your sexiness, revel in your choices, and revel in your beauty.


And yes, it would change every interaction.

It would change everything.

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I Love You

Have I told you how much I love you?  I love the way you smile at me wishing the best for me as we walk past each other, I love the kooky way you flick your hair out of your eyes. I love the way your body moves as you sashay across the room.  I love the exact tone and way your skin feels to me.

I love the way your soft kisses feel to my lips, no other woman has ever felt like this to me before. I love the way you look at me. I love the deep resonance of your voice as I am pleasuring you and the shrill shriek of delight if I surprise you with something out of the blue.  I love how your happiness fills the room.  I love your gentle kindness to me and I love your razor sharp mind, I cannot believe I am with you!

To be with you in the same room – just the thought that you chose me astounds me, still.  I cherish you.  I adore all of you, I especially adore you when you are angry – you are at your most beautiful when your feelings tumble out of you – that is you at your magnificent best.  And when I am cross with you, when I tell you that I want it this way or that, I tell you this for the whole rest of your life (because that is exactly how long I intend on being with you)

I love you, just the way you are and I cannot wait to see you tonight.

Goddess – I have written this for you – as if from a man who loves and adores you completely and utterly.  I wish this for you.

But I also wish another thing…I wish that you feel every last drop of this for yourself.  From you to you.  Profound, astonishing self love for beautiful you.

You were made to be loved.

Cherish every last drop of you. I dare you to wrap yourself up in your love.

Because you are so, so worth it.

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Damn it! I’m Out of Chocolate!

“Damn it! I’m out of chocolate – ok what can I have instead?”  As I stand outside my pantry searching for “it” – for the “it” to hit the spot – what is it that I’m really doing?

I’m really being good to myself. I’m really trying (if my God damn pantry will let me) feel:

  • Energised
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Inspired
  • Fulfilled
Hmm…I think…will the activated blueberry chocolate that I just found do the trick?  I mean almost…right? It is chocolate, with all the fandangaly bits attached and it will get me there, but for how long? (Nope don’t want to think about that).
So let me tell you – you’re great Goddess!!  You’re great at listening to yourself.  You know when you need something to take you out of exhaustion, lacklustedness (is that a word?) and whatever else.  Yes you’re really great! (We both know that)
But how wonderful are you at doing what you know is good for you when you:

Don’t feel like it?

Are not in the mood?

Can’t be arsed?

What did you get? 4/10? 10/10?  If you got a number that’s not too hot, don’t beat yourself up – this is just your starting point. From here the only way is up.  I mean wouldn’t it be great if you could trust yourself totally to always do the right thing by you?  To not fall by the wayside desperate like Marlon Brando:

“I coulda been a contender…I coulda been somebody”…

So no matter how you feel…especially when you don’t feel like it, can’t be arsed – you do it.

Yes you do your yoga no matter what

You meditate – especially if you’re not in the mood

and you..

(this is your bit, what do you want to say here?)

Because afterall the real reason you’re going after all these things is for the end result.

To feel a certain way.

So what if you were disciplined enough to create this feeling within – in the good girl way for you, like yoga, like meditation – especially when you don’t feel like it?  How would that feel?

Like the cat who got the cream?

And you know what it takes?

A rebellion in you to:

Do it especially when you don’t feel like it.

And that takes guts.

Create mayhem inside of you by making a decision:

I decide to rebel against my can’t be arsed self and will (say in your own words) E.g.

Start 4 mornings out of 7 with a green juice

Because I deserve to feel

  • Energised
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Inspired
  • Fulfilled

Any time I wish and I deserve to get there in a way that is kind to me and especially if I don’t feel like it today!

I almost never feel like meditating but feel so incredible afterwards that I often ask myself what was that all about?  So I let my rebel out most mornings because I’m worth rebelling for!

Leave a comment below and tell me – what are you going to do to rebel against your can’t be arsed self this week? Make yourself a green juice 4 mornings this week?  Go for a run?

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