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This is me putting a rocket in your knickers to Blast you off into what you want.

And it’s a one-off session, for when you just know what you need and you need it NOW.
This is the right option for you if you know you move fast every time you invest in yourself.
And this investment is going to MOVE you – but where? What are you wanting?
If it’s to do with yourself, your relationship or for after a divorce, you’ve come to the right place.
A BLAST off session is run exactly like one of my coaching sessions, but instead of it being part of a program it’s a one off very powerful healing session. My rocket gift to you!

The BLAST off session is going to give you:

  • Powerful healing and the biggest result that’s possible for you
  • Energy that week to take action
  • A rocket in your knickers to BLAST you out of procrastination, fear, self-doubt…
  • Blisswork (homework) if applicable

This is how it works:

Sessions are 1.5 hrs long and take place via the phone or face to face, so you can be anywhere in the world.
If you live outside of Australia I use an international phone system so the cost of the call to you is the price of a local call from most countries.

If you know you need this, please fill out the below form to schedule a 10 minute chat 1st to make sure you and I are a good fit. Your answers are strictly confidential.

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