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Divorced? Separated? Single parenting?

You need a strong plan to heal what has happened to you so that you can create a future you are excited about after divorce!

When you live on your own after being with someone else it can be lonely, painful and exhausting.

“Will this ever end?” You ask yourself.

You are constantly exhausted and even though there are really good bits in your life, it’s fraught with high highs and low lows and nobody really ever understands except your other divorced/single mummy friends and they have less resources to help you with because they are in the same boat as you are…If you are a single mum you can feel heavy with guilt for your children, overwhelmed with how much there is to do and feel very vulnerable to what may happen. Yet even though you need more help and support than you have ever have needed in your whole life, you find it hard to ask anyone to help!  You are being both the mother and the father and it’s exhausting.

Well would it surprise you to know that I too was in that same boat that you are in right now?

I was a single mum for 6 years; I was broke, had no family in this country to help, and my ex-husband abandoned us completely so I didn’t have any support let alone any weekends off, I had no financial support for years and when all my other friends seemed to get at least financial or physical help from their ex or at least the proceeds from selling their house I came away with big fat nothing.

I had to build myself up from scratch.  And I did.  I looked for a program to help me but there was nothing out there so I created one for myself because I remember thinking “I am not going down with this ship” nothing can prepare you for how hard being a single parent/divorcee is – and I wanted to gain momentum and flourish in my life.

From someone who has been there, who has supported and coached many women like you, who knows how hard divorce can hit you when you least expect it, know this:

Your divorce can become a springboard to the rest of your life with support from The Turn Yourself On Program.

This program is right for you if you feel:

Lonely, exhausted, trapped, stretched to the limit, angry about the past, overwhelmed, guilt, frightened, feeling sometimes heavy from the past & present.  If you yearn for things to change and want to have a happy relationship with your ex for the sake of the kids…if you find yourself up one minute (giddy with freedom and possibility) then down the next (brought down by circumstance) and you find yourself asking “when is this ever going to end”then this is for you.

If you were to wave a realistic magic wand, where would you like to be in 12 months time?

With me by your side we are going to heal the past so can create a future you and your kids are excited about!

Would you like to get some real tools to release past hurts so you emerge from the past twice the woman you were? This is what my clients get and it changes everything for them and their families.

Would you benefit from learning how to make peace with your past to so we BLAST the lid off your sensuality, your beauty, your confidence and your ability to create that business, to create a nourishing love that lasts – to create a future that feels right and safe and happy?

Because we were never taught it. And I can take you step by step, just like I did; (I mean if I can do it, you can do it!) Over the past 14 years, I’ve tried just about everything to be the woman I knew I was (vibrant, happy, healthy & living the life of my dreams) and through all the trial and error I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do until I found the perfect womanly formula.

It starts with you. In fact, I still use this same method now with my clients that I did years ago when I was a single mum.  I have now met and married the love of my life and it could not have happened without learning how to truly receive from a man.  How to heal the past.  How to create a future I would be excited about no matter what was around me at the time.

It’s time to get you back!


This program is the same one I have used to help women who are divorced and/or single parents to heal from the past.
To experience a deep healing and to receive support, so past patterns do not repeat and sabotage the present and future you want.

Yes I would like to learn more, what is my next step?

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Listen to my New York Radio Interview for my co-authored #1 Bestselling book. I talk about when I was a single mum

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  • Create a future you & your kids are excited about
  • Mothering your children, receive tools to support yourself with your dark feelings towards your children, heal family patterns from your childhood, release guilt, fear & rejection.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you right now
  • Heal past hurts and old wounds so you can lay the past to rest & get on with your life
  • Forgive yourself, release your negative self talk and beliefs like “I’m not a good enough mum”
  • Resolve conflict quickly, stand in your power in court and during negotiations
  • How to ask for what you want and get it from your ex, from your boss, from your friends and children
  • Create a strong foundation of self love & acceptance both for you and your kids
  • Receive love, nourishment & attention in your life
  • Attract your true love to you if you are ready
  • Support with “getting back out there” to date again
  • Increased confidence & self esteem
  • Feel beautiful, confident, desirable, sure of yourself
  • Trust your intuition and navigate your life successfully
  • Pass on the legacy of your healing & self love onto your children